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Hawaiian Experience Spa


Hawaiian Experience Spa is owned by the Ibachs. It was founded by Steve and Cathy Ibach, but is now run by their son Mike Ibach who is the president of Hawaiian Experience Spa. Mike's wife, Nikki Ibach, is also part owner.


Mike, Steve and Cathy have been Arizona residents since 2004 after moving to the valley from Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Nikki is a native Phoenix resident. You may notice the title, Mo'i after our names. Mo'i is a Hawaiian word meaning ruler. We use it to mean owner.

Steve Ibach and Cathy IbachMike (left) is the president of the company and runs every aspect of the spas. He has had many positions at the spa prior to his current position. He previously worked as a spa attendant in Scottsdale and as a spa manager in both Chandler and Scottsdale. His most recent position was chief operating officer.


Mike was integral in opening the Chandler spa location and actually personally did much of the finishing construction work, including installing bamboo, lockers, thatch, counters, and much more.


Prior to working at the spa Mike was the general manager of a restaurant in Tempe. Mike lives in Phoenix with his wife and their Rottweiler, Nala. When not working he enjoys chess, mountain biking and training in martial arts. Mike has been studying martial arts since the age of nine and has extensive training in Chinese Kenpo Karate, Aikido, and Japanese Jujitsu. He now studies 7 Circles Southern/Northern Shaolin Kung Fu at Paradise Valley Community College.


Steve and Cathy Ibach (right and center) are the founders of the spa and are immersed in Hawaiian culture and the spirit of aloha. Their connection with Hawaii was the basis of the Hawaiian Experience Spa concept and keeps the spas genuine and full of aloha. Steve is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi instructor. He writes articles about massage therapy, fitness, and related subjects for various publications.


Steve has advanced training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Kinesiology, Pregnancy Massage, Health and Fitness, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, which he studied extensively on Maui, HI and elsewhere. Steve is a master lomi lomi practitioner and teaches the art to other massage therapists, couples, and others interested in this unique form of bodywork. Steve produced a DVD video on basic lomi lomi massage and sells it internationally. Steve still serves as a massage therapist to his long time clients but does not accept new clients.


When not working, Steve enjoys writing, traveling, photography, physical fitness, hiking, flying (he is a licensed pilot) and playing the ukulele.  

Cathy also studied Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage with Steve in Maui and found the experience to be incredible in many ways. Lomi Lomi Bodywork is like no other massage or body treatment in the world, and she enjoys sharing the power of Aloha with others. When not in Hawaii, Cathy loves sewing, scrap booking, making crafts, and taking care of her family.



Nikki IbachMike's wife, Nikki, is also a part owner and is a Senior Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist. She worked at the spa since 2010 and is currently in nursing school. While she is not an active part of the spa management team at this time, you will see her occasionally at the spa performing massages or helping out in another manor. Nikki as also assisted Steve in the production of our Lomi Lomi Training DVD.


When not working or in nursing school, Nikki enjoys pottery, walking her dog, and spending time with her in-laws. :-)

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Steve, Cathy, Mike, and Nikki Ibach