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Hawaii Fine Art Photography

Exclusive Pieces Not Offered Elsewhere

Aloha: Hawaiian Experience Spa is happy to offer original fine art photography from Maui and other Hawaiian Islands to our members and clients. All photography is gallery quality similar to pieces sold at fine art galleries in Lahaina at about 50% the price! The collection will be growing rapidly and some pieces will be offered at limited quantities so check back often. Mahalo!

Waikamoi Falls

Waikamoi Falls, Art From Maui, HI

A short distance off the “road to Hana” is a small waterfall along the Waikamoi stream that is a favorite spot for visitors and locals. Continue the journey for another few hundred feet beyond these initial falls, to a spot few visit, and you will be rewarded with the spectacular big cousin of the first falls—Waikamoi Falls. This spectacular waterfall careens down the cliff side into a beautiful pool next to a magical cave.

Visit the Waikamoi Falls page for sizes, price and more information on this piece of art.


Bamboo Falls

Bamboo Waterfalls

As you hike through the bamboo forest on the road to Hana you will be surrounded by bamboo groves and meandering streams. As you continue deeper into the forest you discover a small path to left that seems to go nowhere special. Imagine your surprise as you take this short side trail, peak through the bamboo stalks ahead of you, and discover an amazing waterfall to reward you for your journey – a true Maui memory!

Visit the Bamboo Falls page for sizes, price and more information on this piece of art.


Monk Seal Gaze

Monk Seal PhotographThis close up photograph of the beautiful Hawaiian monk seal was taken on a north shore Maui beach. Monk seals are endangered marine mammals endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. This seal was resting on the beach for several hours before opening his eyes for the camera a few precious seconds. The vibrant green on her fur is actually the result of algae growth in her coat. It is very common and does not harm the seal – but it does add an amazing color!

This piece is available in several sizes in a high gloss metal art print. Shipping is free in the U.S. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Visit the Hawaiian Monk Seal Gaze page for sizes, price and more information on this piece of art.