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Click link to see updates on our Advanced Lomi Lomi Training DVD coming soon. In this DVD we will also be specifying the appropriate massage tables to use (and not to use) as well as other equipment suited for the demands of Lomi Lomi massage. Do not use Oakworks massage tables for lomi lomi. Read more...




Lomi Lomi Training DVD

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"Excellent value! This DVD includes the front and back of the body for what others charge for only one side! Mark S., CA




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"This DVD truly is amazing. While it did not have the scenic Hawaiian backgrounds that you see with other Hawaiian massage DVD's, this one shows what I think most people want to see in a Lomi Lomi video, long body runs on a client with minimal draping. Mr. Ibach demonstrates what he refers to as Temple style massages. He teaches you several tips such as not using a bottom sheet, so that you can glide under the client more easily and using a crock pot, to heat up your oils. What I really like about this video is he also teaches you the foot work needed to successfully do the full body runs. That is something that I think is lacking in most massage DVD's not just Lomi Lomi. The techniques are amazing and Mr. Ibach does an excellent job teaching and demonstrating them. I would highly recommend any massage therapist or massage enthusiast to purchase this DVD and watch it over and over again." Randall Bailey, LMT from Augusta, ME


"Hello Steve. I appreciate the Lomi Lomi massage training DVD. The footwork details are very helpful as is the demonstration of the hand positions under the torso.

I am just an amateur but I enjoy both giving and receiving massages. Lomi Lomi to me is new and fantastic. I am looking forward to your next DVD. Thanks for sharing your knowledge." Victor S. Florida


"The video was well done, good notes and lots of angles. REALLY good, outstanding job!! I’ve purchased several “lomi” dvd’s and NONE hold up to yours!" Walt P., Minneapolis, MN


"I watched the DVD this afternoon, and it was excellent. It was as described, educational while still being relaxing to watch." Joe E., Phoenix



This DVD is made to be instructional and entertaining. You can watch it as a way to relax or to learn the basics of this exotic form of bodywork. In this DVD you will learn from master lomi lomi practitioner, Steve Ibach, as he demonstrates the beautiful techniques of the lomi lomi massage on a young woman and fellow lomi lomi massage therapist (as well as daughter-in-law), Nikki Ibach. You will see the flowing techniques as Nikki receives a full body exotic lomi lomi massage to the music of Keali'i Reichel. Steve also breaks down and explains how to perform each lomi lomi run in a step by step process that will have you performing lomi lomi massages in no time. You do not have to be a massage therapist or have any massage training to learn this technique.


Professional massage therapists will also benefit from this lomi lomi training DVD. After studying and practicing the techniques shown in the video you will be able to perform a basic lomi lomi massage for your clients. Steve has instructed hundreds of massage therapists in how to perform this sacred work and this DVD contains content similar to what is taught in his classes.






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If you would like to purchase Hawaiian Music we recommend Mele.com. Keali'i Reichel is a great artist to start with for lomi lomi.


Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Video DVD (coming soon)






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September 16, 2014: Completion of this DVD is not back on the list. Stay tuned and mahalo for your patience.


January 26, 2014: Unfortunately, we are far behind. Due to a record busy season at the spas we have been unable to get back to this project. I think we got ahead of ourselves when we projected a completion date. We are still going to finish this, however, we are going to refrain from publishing a date until it is nearly completed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.


November 20, 2013: We have done our final main shoot and are putting the DVD together. Typically, we have to do one more day of shooting to fill in the gaps after the DVD is mostly composed. We are trying really hard to get it done by the end of the December but it is going to be close. Nikki is again the model for the rest of the DVD.


October 15, 2013: Our model, Eternity, is no longer with us so we had a slightly delay in completing the video. We are back on track now and will update you in a couple of weeks. Mahalo.


August 7, 2013: The trailer has been released! There will be no more updates until mid September due to vacations.


July 31, 2013: Our new DVD will contain about 50 advanced lomi lomi techniques and combinations. We have been filming for 6 hours a week since we started. Nikki, who was the body in our first DVD, will also be demonstrating some advanced lomi lomi runs in this video. Nikki has performed over 2,000 lomi lomi massages since the last DVD was produced.


July 13, 2013: Filming for our second DVD has begun!






Aloha Everyone: I have some important news about massage tables for lomi lomi. Oakworks massage tables should NOT be used for lomi lomi massage. I own Hawaiian Experience Spa and our spas probably do more lomi lomi massages annually than almost any other spa worldwide. I personally have been practicing lomi lomi for almost 10 years and have about 35 therapists that work at our spas that also perform lomi lomi all day.


Regretfully, there has been a change to the quality of the material used to manufacture Oakworks massage tables and oil now penetrates the table causing significant damage and making the table unusable. We have been in touch with the CEO of Oakworks, Jeff Riach, and he has confirmed that Oakworks will not cover damage to its tables from oil penetration. He says it is not a manufacturer defect and their tables should not be used in an environment where oil gets directly on the table.


We have several tables made by Oakworks over the past two years that are now damaged from oil penetration. Additionally, the oil now degrades the vinyl itself. We also have several tables that we purchased as long as seven years ago from Oakworks. You will see us using those tables in our lomi training DVD. Those tables work fine, however, the currently manufactured Oakworks tables are not the same quality. In addition to the oil damage we had five tables where the foam formed a fissure that could be felt under the vinyl after only a few months of use.


It is regretful that Oakworks has abandoned its lomi lomi massage customers and is not interested resolving this matter. We are in the process of investigating new tables from other manufacturers and will let everyone know once we have chosen replacements for our spas. In the meantime, if you need a table, do not purchase Oakworks. They have been confirmed as not being adequate for lomi lomi and Oakworks has confirmed it will not stand behind its warranty if oil damages the tables.





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