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Alma D

Licensed Massage Therapist
Alma, Goodyear Massage Therapist

Alma D.
Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Alma Dimas, and I decided to become a massage therapist in 2008. After high school graduation, I knew I wanted to go into a field where I could help people and feel like I was making a difference. I found out Phoenix community college has a program for massage so I enrolled in the program. There were so many classes and a lot of learning it was a struggle for me finding time to study and working a full-time job as a server at a retirement home. I love the hands on experience and learning different massage techniques, stretches, and just about everything that helps relieve pain and helps peoples life’s. This program also showed me how I also needed massage in my life and to find the proper ways to have a healthy balanced lifestyle all around.

After I got my massage therapist license I set out onto the job hunt. I first worked for a chair massage company for a couple of months, helping people in offices and different work environments manage their pain and relax. I later moved on to a small practice our in Surprise Arizona. I stayed with them for about one year. Throughout the years when I had my license I would always do outcalls for my family and friends that requested them. Besides my massage jobs I have had many other jobs from my high school job as a cashier to being a server at retirement homes, and even packing out order for Amazon.

I enjoy learning different modalities of massage this way I become better and a more well- rounded massage therapist. I have also always liked art, I do quite a bit of doodling and have recently started practicing my beginner photography skills. I like taking family trips together especially when the tempters get to warm her for us.