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Anthony P.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Anthony P.
License Massage Therapist

Aloha! My name is Anthony, I am from Santa Cruz, California. My family and I moved to Arizona in 2007. I miss the cold weather and beaches of California however, being in Arizona after all these years I have learned to appreciate its vast unique landscapes that you wouldn’t see very often in California. I have a beautiful Aussiedoodle puppy named Sophie Anne and she’s just the craziest little thing in the world.

I was first introduced to massage therapy by another massage therapist who worked at a health club I worked at. He would work on my shoulder problems and my lower erectors that were so tight it made the lumbar region of my spine hurt extremely bad. When he worked on me all of the pressure I felt on my lower back and the tightness of my shoulders would just go away as if it was never even there before. So, one day I asked him all about massage school and programs that were offered, and I became extremely interested in it. From that point forward I pursued an education in massage therapy.

I graduated from The Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts. It was there that I found out a lot about myself and the direction I wanted my life to go. I became very interested in the human anatomy, specifically the kinesiology aspect of it all, so much that I have made the choice to further my education by pursuing a degree in kinesiology and there after enroll in Physical Therapy school.

While at SWIHA, I specialized in Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy. I hope to learn many different modalities that will further help me, help you! I am very excited to have joined the Hawaiian Experience Ohana. Admittedly being new to Hawaiian Experience family I am eager to learn all the traditional Hawaiian massages and definitely take advantage the infrared sauna and steam room…Mahalo!