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Coral S

Spa Attendant
Coral, Scottsdale spa attendant

Coral S
Spa Attendant

Aloha! I am Coral Schirmer, and I’m 19. I am from northern Minnesota and I just recently moved here to Arizona in August (2017). I graduated in 2016 from Hibbing High School, in Hibbing Minnesota. I am not currently enrolled in college due to out of state tuition but once I am here for a year I will be considered “in state”. I plan to start school soon after that.

I have over a year of experience with customer service and I definitely consider it one of my stronger skills. I love helping people in general and I like to make sure all customers leave with a more than satisfying experience. It is very important to me that the people around me are comfortable and happy. Meeting new people, and gaining new customers is amazing, but building and growing with ongoing customers has to be one of my favorite things in working in this kind of environment.

I have quite a few habits that I do personally for health benefits, and just simply to make myself feel better. I wake up naturally around five to seven A.M. everyday and that in itself is really good for your body. It reduces stress and surprisingly gets you a lot more energized for the day. Another thing I do that comes with many health benefits is drinking Aloe Vera. I will usually mix it with a tea or a juice for flavor, but besides how amazing aloe is for your skin there’s 10+ other things it does for the inside of your body as well. Including digestion, circulation, and much more. Exercise and stretching daily is another thing I like to make a habit of to keep my body healthy and strong.

A couple of my hobbies are singing, dancing, and spending time with the people I love. I enjoy making bracelets, lists for absolutely everything, and getting my nails done. My main goal in life is to travel the world and eventually settle down somewhere I love being, with the person I love being with.

So that’s a little bit about me. I hope your experience here at the Hawaiian Experience Spa is all you expected and much more.