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Hannah M.

Licensed Massage Therapist
Scottsdale LMT, Hannah

Hannah M
Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha! I’m 20 years old and my dream is to be a public speaker! I like to sing, write, draw, and paint. I’m very talented and artistic and I really love vibrant colors. I grew up in Wyoming and moved to Arizona when I was 14. I love Phoenix and my favorite place to hang out is in Fountain Hills.  I spend a lot of time alone reading or working. I try to make a point to always be learning something new every day. Sometimes I don’t know when I’m growing so the best way that I can explain personal growth would be like having an 8oz cup with 4 oz of water in it… and when I learn something, I gain 2 more oz of water, but my cup gets turned into a 12oz cup. So sometimes I don’t feel like I’m learning and growing but in reality, my cup just gets bigger and bigger because I learn questions I never thought to ask. So that just leaves more room for things I didn’t know that I would like to know. The list goes on.  I think life is so beautiful and so fulfilling.

Aside from that, I absolutely love massage and the idea of facilitating healing through relaxation or a nice “deep-tissue” massage. I LOVE Lomi Lomi. It has become my favorite modality since I learned it. My other favorite is called Structural Integration, which involves correcting the body through a specific protocol based on your personal needs. I love anatomy with a passion so you’re guaranteed a little anatomy during your session with a little bit of education on what you can do to feel better. I specialize in low-back pain, glute work, and upper back pain. There are 10 muscles that attach to the greater trochanter (hip area) and you’d be surprised that by massaging this area, you can create a shift in the pelvis to relieve the low back pain! There are a few other muscles responsible of course but if you sit often or lack any movement, I can definitely help you to start feeling better!