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Janine R.

Senior Licensed Massage Therapist
Massage therapist in Goodyear, AZ - Janine

Janine R
Senior Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha, I’m Janine and I’ve been a massage therapist for nine years. I became a therapist after seeing the positive effects of massage that I received after a car accident. I got my education and training at Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, Colorado. I specialize in Hot Stone, Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point, Sports, Reflexology, and Prenatal. I truly enjoy and have an appreciation of body work. I believe keeping your body strong, mind sharp, soul nourished, and spirit positive is the secret to wellness.

A little more about me, when I have down time I love spending that time in nature with a hike or a bike ride. I also practice yoga which has a double impact, it keeps me limber and quiets the mind. I also attend Estrella Mountain Community College and will soon have my associates degree in Psychology, then I’ll be attending ASU to pursue my bachelors. My first passion will always be massage but I’ve also developed a passion to help others with social or cultural difficulties.

I’m a mother of three and have two dogs (pugs). I’m from Colorado and have been here in Arizona for almost five years. My favorite place here in Arizona is Sedona, its beauty is hard to put in words. Although Arizona is desert, it has its own beauty even in the summer heat.   It’s been an adjustment but I must admit I love the winters here, no shoveling snow. I do miss Colorado it’s a beautiful state and would suggest to anyone who hasn’t visited, take the time to see its beauty. One of my favorite places is Glenwood Springs, the natural springs are wonderful and very healing. Mahalo for your time in reading about me and I look forward to working with you to heal those aches and pains.