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Jen M.

Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist
Goodyear day spa massage therapist, Jen

Kahuna Jen M Licensed Massage Therapist 

Aloha, my name is Jen!  I’m a native to the valley and have lived on the west side my whole life. After raising seven children, five girls and two boys (which is a lot of work), I decided to go back to school and become a licensed massage therapist. I have always enjoyed helping people and making them feel better. My father taught me massage at a young age to help with his aches and pains and I just worked on family most of my young adult life.

My children truly benefited from me knowing massage because all the growing pains and sports injuries were worked out by massage not pills. I was the second graduating class from Arizona School of Massage therapy. I was very lucky to have excellent teachers who taught me to have even more compassion and empathy for clients in pain.

Since school I have continued my education and picked up many techniques from experience and those therapists around me. I’m always willing to learn the best way to help my clients find relaxation and in some cases relief if they come to me in pain and discomfort. I specialize in swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, and TMJ with headache release. For years I have worked in the medical world along with chiropractors and physicians doing massage and have had the privilege of seeing client’s quality of life change with the benefits of massage therapy. Fibromyalgia and low back issues were some of my hardest cases but very rewarding. Lomi Lomi is by far the most relaxing technique I have ever learned and I enjoy that now also.

I enjoy seeing people being able to do things they weren’t able to do before massage and be in less pain after seeing me. That is why I continue to do massage, as I have for the past fourteen years! My client’s well-being means a lot to me. I love meeting new people and I can’t wait to meet you. See ya soon!