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Licensed Massage Therapist
jt, goodyear massage therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is J.T. Kerns! I recently graduated in March 2017 from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT ).

I became a massage therapist because I’ve always loved helping people feel better. A simple action or word can totally turn someone’s day around. I also have always had massage in my life. My mother is an esthetician so she has always had many massage therapists for friends.  When I was in grade school, one of the student teachers was going to school to be a massage therapist so she sort of planted the seed of being a massage therapist in my mind. (That student teacher turned out to be Jodi, the Scottsdale spa manager! What a crazy small world!)

I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades when it comes to massage therapy. I want to learn and use as many modalities as humanly possible, whether it be energy work or bodywork. However, the modalities that I particularly enjoy would be Swedish Massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Structural Integration. I personally focus and base my practice on seeing my clients physically and mentally evolve, and with these modalities I see that change I seek. I want my clients to walk out better than how they came in.

Modalities I wish to further my education in are Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic Drainage, and Aromatherapy. My grandmother was recently rediagnosed with cancer, so Lymphatic Drainage has been a huge interest of mine since I heard of it.  Being able to work one day with cancer patients and the terminally ill at a hospital is a huge goal for me in future.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my two adorable dogs and go camping as much as possible! I am so proud to be part of the amazing ‘ohana here at Hawaiian Experience Spa – Goodyear.