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Sabrina E.

Esthetician / Licensed Massage Therapist
Esthetician in Goodyear, Sabrina

Sabrina E
Esthetician/Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha everyone! My name is Sabrina and I was born and raised in beautiful Arizona. I am naturally a friendly, caring, considerate person and sure show plenty of hospitality. I was definitely raised with good values and morals. I have been blessed!

I believe in living a healthy lifestyle therefore I choose to eat healthy and make smart healthy choices. Since I was a child I have always been intrigued by aesthetics and therapeutic massage field. Most of my life I suffered with acne problems. When I was a kid my mother lived in Hawaii and she would take me to get facials. I loved it! I would also see a dermatologist, take antibiotics use plenty of prescribed over-the-counter acne medications but nothing completely worked and when I would stop using it my skin will get worse. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I had developed cystic acne. It honestly robbed me of my self-esteem and confidence.

Somehow I ended up in the customer service, telecommunication field and it wasn’t my passion, but I have acquired some very useful skills. When I got what pregnant with my daughter I decided to go back to school to become an aesthetician. I attended the studio Academy of Beauty and met an amazing teacher who told me that some people break out due to diet and food allergies. This information open doors for me and I start doing my own research. I change my diet and decided to take the holistic approach when it comes to my diet and my skin. My skin has dramatically gotten better. Now I enjoy helping and educating people about their skin and giving them the confidence they need. I have had my aesthetician license for five years.

My clients that I had in this field would encourage me to go to school for massage because they loved their neck, shoulders and arms massage. I decided to go to massage therapy school and I chose the southwest Institute of healing arts in Tempe Arizona. This has been definitely one of the best choices I’ve made. I graduated with a Masters massage 1000 program, reflexology and Reiki Master program. I learned spa lomi lomi, pregnancy, infant massage, sports , myotheraphy, Thai, east Indian head massage facelift and acupressure and cranial sacral therapy.

I absolutely love what I do. I allow my intuition to guide me through each session. I customize each therapy for each client’s individual needs. My work is very therapeutic and relaxing. I’ve had my license for almost 2 years and every day I learn from my clients and my coworkers.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family. I enjoy hiking, cooking, yoga and visiting the beach. If you decide to choose me as your therapist I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Peace and love everyone. Mahalo!