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Hot Sea Shell Massage

Hot Sea Shell Massage Highlights

  • Use real sea shells
  • Get massaged with hot shells
  • Great for fatigued muscles
  • Shells are mildly exfoliating
  • A unique alternative to hot stone

In this unique, fun, and therapeutic experience, your therapist will place special heated sea shells on key muscles of your body to provide deep, penetrating, relaxation and therapy. She will use other heated shells to massage the rest of your body in a warm, flowing massage! Unlike hot stones, the texture of the shells provides a very mild exfoliation and incredible sensations! This massage is great for relaxation or general muscle therapy. If you would like any specific work done on a problem area we recommend choosing at least the 90 minute massage.

Regular Prices: 60 min $109 | 90 min $159 | 120 min $209

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Member Prices: 60 min $69 | 90 min $109 | 120 min $138 Read about spa membership.