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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage Highlights

  • Provides an exotic spa experience
  • Increases circulation
  • Excellent for relaxation
  • Can be any pressure
  • Traditional massage of Hawaiian Islands

Unlike any other body treatment on earth, the Lomi Lomi Massage is an incredible full body massage in which the entire body is massaged simultaneously in a continuous movement. Performed for centuries in ancient Hawaiian Temples as a right of passage and renewing ritual, the secrets of the Lomi Lomi are only very slowly being brought to the mainland. Your therapist will use long flowing deep (pressure will be adjusted for your needs) strokes that will run the entire length of your body from head to toe in one continuous motion, working both the upper and under sides of your body. Your therapist’s arms will embrace you as the rhythmic waves of motion send deeply relaxing sensations to your brain. Thes incredible treatment great for relaxation, muscle tension, muscle pain, detoxification, increasing circulation, anxiety, depression and more.

Have two therapists working on you simultaneously in this incredible experience! The double lomi lomi massage is the ultimate in luxury, healing, and exotic experiences.

Hawaiian Experience Spa is the leader in lomi lomi massage therapy in the continental United States, performing thousands of lomi lomi massages annually. All of our massage therapists are trained by master lomi lomi instructors shortly after we hire them.

Regular Prices with One Therapist: 50 min $99 | 60 min $109 | 90 min $159 | 120 min $209

Regular Prices with Two Therapists: 60 min $218 | 90 min $318 | 120 min $418

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Member Prices with One Therapist: 50 min $59 | 60 min $69 | 90 min $109 | 120 min $138 Read about spa membership.

Member Prices with Two Therapists:  60 min $138 | 90 min $218 | 120 min $276

Learn Lomi Lomi:

See our Lomi Lomi massage training DVD available for sale online if you would like to learn this beautiful form of Hawaiian bodywork.

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