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Mike Ibach, Mo'i and CEO

From the Mo’i: March 2019

Aloha: We have had an exciting start to the year and the spas have been doing very well. We have been focused on getting Scottsdale in line with our vision and wrapping up our taxes for 2018 (corporate taxes are due 3/15).
During the month of March, there will be a lot of upgrades to the Scottsdale spa. Here is a little glimpse of what we are working on this month:
Lighting: Virtually all of the lighting inside the spa is going to be replaced. Lighting really sets the tone for the space and we feel it is an integral part of the guest’s experience; therefore we decided to make it one of the first upgrades. We are starting inside of the treatment rooms where the big florescent lights, along with the floor lamps will be eliminated. Instead we will have recessed lights (with special trim), controlled by a dimmer to reach the perfect level of light for any situation. The next step, which will most likely also happen in March is to have all of the lighting in the hallways, locker rooms and lobby replaced.
The lounge: The furniture is receiving new custom cushions, and is being cleaned up/restored. The fountain will also be pulled down and professionally restored or entirely replaced. If we are really on a roll, then we will also be installing new lights in the lounge during this month.
Bamboo: I just placed an order for several thousand dollars worth of bamboo! You are going to see it start going up all over the place and I think it will be transformational for the look of the spa.
We are also working on having the entire spa repainted, changing the building sign, and a lot more. We may or may not get to these items during the month of March. While we want to get everything done, our main goal is to do everything possible not to interfere with your experience.
Mahalo nui loa,

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