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Goodyear Spa Update: March 2019

February was another great month for the Goodyear spa, as usual. We were busier than normal during the week of Valentine’s Day, and we just did splendid in general! Hopefully, March will prove to be as good as a month as February was.
We celebrated two birthdays this past month, Sam and Acacia’s, and we are looking forward to celebrating Diana’s 1-year anniversary with the spa. To add to the celebrations, my 6-year anniversary is coming up, as well. I’m proud to have been with the spas for so many years and I look forward to many more.
As we have mentioned before, we love hearing from you! Receiving your feedback means that we can correct things that we have not gotten quite right. It also means that you can voice your opinion on what you think we are doing right or wrong with the spa. Both positive and negative feedback are helpful in helping us improve what we do, so do not be afraid to speak up!
We are looking forward to a busy Spring season.

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