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How much do I tip a massage therapist?

In most day spas, clinics and other settings massage therapists are tipped 20% – 25% of the regular price (not the sale price or member price) of a service or $20 – $25 per hour, whichever is higher. Massage therapists usually heavily depend on tips, often for more than 50% of their total income.

Despite being licensed health care professionals who can profoundly help their clients with pain, stress, physical performance and much more, the position of Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) has been delegated to the realm of tipped hospitality worker instead of the realm of medical professional where it belongs. That system is a detriment to not only the LMT but also the client. It simply gives the appearance of lower prices for the business promoting it, while creating inappropriate pressure for both the guest who is trying to relax and the therapist who is trying to do their best job to help the guest relax. The situation is similar with Licensed Estheticians who care for your skin health. What they do is much more then cosmetic as those of you who receive facials well know.

That is why Hawaiian Experience Spa changed to an “all inclusive” format with no tip expected or required. This has several benefits for the guest getting the massage:

  • Lowers your overall prices: If you generally tip the expected amount this saves you money. That is because other pricing structures factor in guests who only tip a couple of dollars or don’t tip at all. That raises the prices for those who tip appropriately. We raised our prices on all services to an amount that is less than our previous price plus the 20% expected tip. Now everyone contributes equally to the therapist’s compensation and you no longer have to pay extra to make up for the “$2 tipper!”
  • Increases the level of professionalism and service: This system allows us to hire and maintain only the best professionals from day one. We are now paying more than any area spa and that equates to a better selection of therapists for you. Only the best and most dedicated professionals are hired into our new program.
  • Eliminates tipping pressure: Most people feel pressure in any tipping situation. As our goal is to make you relax, not increase your stress, this initiative fits right in with that goal.
  • Helps the community: Paying a living wage to all employees helps everyone. It expands the economy, decreases reliance on public benefits and makes for an overall happier community.

Our guests love this system – we think you will too!

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