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Aloha: If you are currently Kama’aina (part of the all inclusive Wellness Plan) you are one of our most important guests and we really appreciate you. Only a few months ago we changed the Wellness Plan and raised the price from $69.99 for a 50 minute massage without tip to $90 with an all inclusive 50 minute service. This was part of the spa’s plan to convert to an “all inclusive” model without tipping but with higher prices so we could pay therapists more. Unfortunately, in the post corona economy we no longer think this is a good idea for our ‘ohana or guests. No one could have predicted this pandemic striking us so quickly, closing businesses and causing tremendous economic harm. Many companies will tragically go out of business over this if they cannot figure out how to adapt. We have used this shutdown to get back to our roots and believe we will come out of this stronger than ever. Part of this is providing lower prices to members for basic services. Therefore we created a new Wellness Plan model.

Unlike last time when we changed everyone’s Wellness Plan, this time we are not changing anyone’s plan. If you like the current plan, you can keep it. However, we feel most guests will like the new plan better. If you are one of those people, simply visit the Wellness Plan Page and read about the membership options then join online. After you join we will use any prepaid member services in your account to purchase new ones for you in the current system. The new price is less so this will benefit you.

The new plan is meant to provide a competitive priced monthly massage or facial to you and one other optional person such as your spouse or family member. It has the following features:

  • One massage or facial monthly
  • Unused monthly sessions roll over
  • Unlimited additional treatments at member pricing
  • Reduced prices for your guests
  • Reduced prices on certain gift cards
  • Suspend plan up to four months per year
  • Share membership with a family member or significant other
  • Special “members only” sales and specials throughout the year

The new plan does not have any product discounts, the ability to upgrade your Prepaid Service to something else, the ability to give services to others (although you can share with one designated person) and it does not include gratuity. It has no other features other than what is listed above.


  • If you get lots of spa treatments such as scrub/massage combinations, body wraps, etc.
  • If you get lots of couples’ services as there is no discount for them in the new plan
  • If you buy lots of products (the new plan has no product discount, however, every guest will get a 10% discounts on all products purchased when they get a facial).
  • If you give your prepaid services away to multiple people. You cannot give them away with the new plan but you can share the membership completely with one person and that person can use the prepaid services and gets the same prices as you for everything.

If you want to pay less and are okay with just using the monthly membership service for the included massage or facial then you should change. If you like the features of your plan you can keep it as is.


In any case you will see our Service Menu has changed. We consolidated most massages into just two different treatments, the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or the traditional style Mainland Massage. Specialty massages like Hot Stone, Maui Relaxation and others are now listed under Spa Massage Experiences and are not included in the new membership.

Please also note that prices on the website will not apply to Kama’aina as your prices are all inclusive. You will continue to pay what you were paying if you keep your current plan which is as follows for massages, facials and body treatments:

  • $79 for 50 minute services
  • $92 for 60 minute services
  • $139 for 90 minute services
  • $184 for 120 minute services

Those prices include a $20 per hour tip for your therapist. If you get a couples’ service you will get 25% off the prices shown on the website plus we will add in $20 per hour per therapist for a tip.

If you have any questions while we are closed please email Again, you do not have to change plans. It is totally voluntary. However, if you want to switch please do it by April 30th so we can give you the three year price guarantee.

Mahalo nui loa for your support of the spa. We look forward to reopening soon. We can all use a massage about now!

Mike, Steve and Cathy Ibach