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Lomi Training DVD

Image of Lomi Lomi Massage training DVD


 Excellent value! This DVD includes the front and back of the body for what others charge for only one side! Mark S., CA

 “This DVD truly is amazing. While it did not have the scenic Hawaiian backgrounds that you see with other Hawaiian massage DVD’s, this one shows what I think most people want to see in a Lomi Lomi video, long body runs on a client with minimal draping. Mr. Ibach demonstrates what he refers to as Temple style massages. He teaches you several tips such as not using a bottom sheet, so that you can glide under the client more easily and using a crock pot, to heat up your oils. What I really like about this video is he also teaches you the foot work needed to successfully do the full body runs. That is something that I think is lacking in most massage DVD’s not just Lomi Lomi. The techniques are amazing and Mr. Ibach does an excellent job teaching and demonstrating them. I would highly recommend any massage therapist or massage enthusiast to purchase this DVD and watch it over and over again.” Randall Bailey, LMT from Augusta, ME

“Hello Steve. I appreciate the Lomi Lomi massage training DVD. The footwork details are very helpful as is the demonstration of the hand positions under the torso.

I am just an amateur but I enjoy both giving and receiving massages. Lomi Lomi to me is new and fantastic. I am looking forward to your next DVD. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”Victor S. Florida

“The video was well done, good notes and lots of angles. REALLY good, outstanding job!! I’ve purchased several “lomi” dvd’s and NONE hold up to yours!” Walt P., Minneapolis, MN

“I watched the DVD this afternoon, and it was excellent. It was as described, educational while still being relaxing to watch.” Joe E., Phoenix

Lomi Lomi DVD Screen Shots

Actual shots from our lomi massage training DVD
Supine woman getting lomi lomi massage

Woman with leg lifted getting lomi lomi massage Prone woman getting lomi lomi massage of upper traps



Close up lomi lomi massage of upper traps

Woman with minimal draping getting lomi lomi massage Foot massage lomi lomi technique


Lomi lomi massage of woman's leg and buttocks

Young woman getting glutes massaged during lomi lomi Inside run shown on young woman during lomi massage
Full body massage run shown on young woman, lomi lomi style

Lomi lomi face massage technique shown on woman in Phoenix day spa

If you would like to purchase Hawaiian Music we recommend Keali’i Reichel is a great artist to start with for lomi lomi.

DO NOT USE OAKWORKS MASSAGE TABLES: This video shows us using Oakworks massage tables, however, Oakworks has since lowered the quality of the vinyl and oil will now penetrate it, ruining the tables within a few months of use. This is not covered under Oakworks warranty. We recommend using Stronglite tables with marine vinyl. These must be special ordered. We do not recommend Oakworks massage tables for day spa use.