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Message from the spa owners

MESSAGE FROM OWNERS: The first question we typically get from callers is “are you open?” The answer to that is a resounding yes! Our plan is to keep our 70+ team employed while we work as a community to address this situation. You can help by visiting the spa now, joining the Wellness Plan online or buying a gift card for later.
We provide a public health service that helps keep healthy people healthy. Since we are small, do not have large groups of people and keep the spas meticulously clean, we do not fall under any official guidelines for avoidance. On the contrary, massage boosts immunity and reduces stress and we feel its vitally important that the community has safe places to go and relax during this stressful time.
Please visit our website and choose one of the links at the top: Wellness Program, Gifts, or Make Appointment. Any of these choices help us help our ‘ohana and the community by keeping our staff employed – and they help you have a place to escape the stress of the times!
Your support of the spa is much appreciated. We started in 2007 before the last recession and will be here long after this recession has ended! Mahalo Nui Loa; Mike, Steve and Cathy

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