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New Spa Referral Program: Earn free treatments and more

Aloha: We are happy to announce a new, much enhanced, referral program. Our largest source of new guests is from referrals from existing guests who love us – we really appreciate it! If you are a spa guest (which means you had a service at the spa within the last 24 months) and you refer a new guest to us we will show our appreciation as follows:

  • You get one 30 Minute Mahalo Service for each new guest you refer!
  • You get two 30 Minute Mahalo Services for each new guest you refer who joins the Wellness Plan on or before his first visit.

Your Mahalo Service can be used anytime in the next 12 months to extend another service you receive by 30 minutes at no charge to you! See our policies page for details.

Are you kama’aina (Part of the Wellness Program)?

We started a new plan on March 16, 2020 to show our appreciation to kama’aina who refer us to other guests. In addition to free 30 Minute Mahalo Services for each guest you recommend (see our Referral Policy for details), if you are kama’aina you can get your plan upgraded to KOA Warrior status for all of 2021 by earning 10 Mahalo Services between March 16, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

That can be as little as five referrals if they each join the spa! KOA stands for Kama’aina Official Ambassador in this case but in ancient Hawaii, Koa warrior were the elite soldiers. If you earn KOA Warrior status in 2020 by earning 10 Mahalo Services under this program you will be designated as a KOA Warrior for all of 2021. As a KOA Warrior you receive the following in addition to your regular Wellness Plan benefits:

  • You will get your own robe to wear at the spa! The robe will be brand new and stored separately. It will be available for only you!
  • You will get 40 Minute Mahalo Services in 2021 for each new referral instead of 30 minutes.
  • You will receive an upgraded treat in your locker during your visits.
  • Your guests will get a bigger discount than the guest discount other kama’aina receive. This will help you bring in more people to keep your status going into 2022!
  • Up to three late cancel fees will be waived for you in 2021 if you must cancel an appointment within 24 hours but give us at least one-hour notice
  • We will have other special offers only for KOA Warriors throughout the year.

Read more about becoming a KOA Warrior here.

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