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New Therapist Chandler Spa

Please join us in welcoming new therapist, Michelle I, to our ohana. Here is a little more about Michelle:

Aloha, my name is Michelle and I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since August of 2018. I have worked in a chiropractor’s office, a massage franchise and built a small private practice. While exploring all types of massage and different modalities, I have found myself to be drawn to the spa setting. I was born and raised in Southern California and as a child, the beach was my safe haven. Whenever I was experiencing troublesome or stressful times, all I needed was to feel the sand mush between my toes and to hear the waves crashing the shore. I am a water and wood element and being close to the water is where I belong. That’s why I choose Hawaiian Experience Spa, the environment and atmosphere brings out the best therapist in me, which helps my clients achieve the best service I can give. I specialize in therapeutic relaxation, this type of massage allows me to focus on certain areas of pain and stress while still being able to relax and enjoy your session. I believe massage is not just about the physical, but about the mental and spiritual well being of my clients. I practice being-ness and selflessness to give all of my focus and energy to my clients.

Being able to facilitate healing and to bring space for the body to heal itself is why I become a massage therapist. The human anatomy and the function of the body fascinates me. In the spring of 2020, I will be enrolling in college classes to get my degree in Environmental Policy and Management to help bring awareness to the existing troubles this Earth faces on the daily. I am a forever learner and will continue to expand my knowledge in the health of all living things.

I hope I will have the pleasure of working with you, and welcome to the Hawaiian Experience Spa team.

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