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Acacia B.

Senior Spa Administrator
Acacia B, Goodyear Spa Adminstrator

Acacia B
Senior Spa Administrator

Aloha! My name is Acacia; like the tree, but pronounced “ah-kay-see-yah”. I am brand new to the West Valley area, after having lived the last three years in Florida, and have joined the Hawaiian Experience Spa team as Goodyear’s newest Spa Administrator!

Born in Texas but raised in Minnesota, I never imagined I’d have moved ‘Down South’ again for anything, but my husband’s career changed that tune real quick and I fell in absolute love with the South. Definitely can’t say I miss the frigid Minnesota Winters! What’s captured me most regarding Arizona are the mountains; I’ve never seen mountains before in real life, and I find them absolutely breathtaking. As I become more familiar with the area, I’m hoping to explore the mountains and other beautiful and natural landmarks. If you have a favourite, I’d love to hear recommendations!

During my downtime, my interests are varied; everything from Anime, to the Beauty Industry, to True Crime Stories. I’m always interested in learning something new!

Before becoming a stay-at-home-mom three years ago, the jobs I held revolved around customer service and administrative work; mostly for online retail companies. I’m happy to bring these skills and knowledge with me as I rejoin the workforce, and I’m looking forward to helping this Ohana provide excellent service to all of our clients! See you there!