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Acacia B.,Spa Administrator

About Acacia

  • Ohana member since 2017
  • I love my curly hair and I encourage everyone else to embrace their curls as well.
  • Cassowaries, Komodo dragons, and otters are my favorite animals
  • My most desired travel destination is Greece
  • Coffee is my blood type

My Spa Tip: Take a look at our website to see what kind of treatments you may be interested in booking. We wouldn’t want to recommend something you already know you wouldn’t enjoy.


About Me:  My name is Acacia. It is pronounced (uh-kay-see-yah). I am the Senior Spa Administrator at the Goodyear location.

What I Like About My Job: I enjoy my role at the spa because I love offering assistance to my managers and therapists in their duties, providing a healthy and happy workplace environment. Happy employees often equates to happy clients.

My Favorite Services: