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Amanda S.,Licensed Massage Therapist

About Amanda

  • Massage Therapist since 2008
  • Arizona native
  • Rescue dog mom
  • I'm into many types of nerd culture
  • I like to read, cook, bake, and hike

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My Healthy Tip: Drink plenty of water after a massage! Arizona is a very dry environment and its important to be hydrated.


About Me: Aloha, I’m Amanda! Massage is my passion, and I truly love what I do.

What Massage Means To Me: I’ve been an LMT since 2008, but really I’ve been massaging since I was a child, when my dad would come home from his physically demanding job and have me and my brother walk on his back. When we were too big, he asked us to rub his back, and of course my brother had a short attention span, so he would stop after a few minutes. But even then I realized that it was helping his pain go away. As I got older I would massage the shoulders and necks of family members and friends and found I really enjoyed helping them feel better.

My Education And Training:

  • Graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2008
  • Certified in Hot Stone massage
  • Prenatal massage certification
  • Advanced Neck Work certification


  • Pain management – massage is a natural and non-invasive way to treat muscle pain and improve muscle function.
  • Relaxation – get rid of aches and pains of running the kids around, or being on a computer or on your feet all day,
  • Headache relief – I used to get chronic migraines, so I know how debilitating they can be
  • Prenatal – because making a human is hard work! Mama and baby both get the benefits of improved circulation, pain relief, and relaxation.

The Top Five Services I Recommend And Why:

  • Advanced Therapeutic Massage: relaxation massage is great, but addressing the muscle pain or range of motion issues is the best way to get the most out of a massage session. You’ll be surprised at how a medical type massage can really help you feel and function better.
  • Nui Premium Full Body Massage: a totally customizable session for the whole body or specific muscle areas. I can use light up to deep pressure or a combination to give you a treatment for your exact needs. If you’re new to massage, this would be a great start.
  • Sports Massage: whether you’re in training, post event or season, or in the middle of it all, massage can help with your mobility, recovery, and of course aches and pains. Massage, stretching, and joint movement specific to your sport. I’ve worked with many people that play golf, tennis, pickleball, baseball, hockey, and basketball. I’ve also worked with marathoners, (including the Iron Man) sometimes right off the track!
  • Hot Stone Massage: using the heat and weight of the smooth stones and oil causes deep relaxation and softening of tight muscles. This is great for those who have stressful jobs, or are on their feet for most of the day. But it’s also wonderful if you just want to relax and take a mini vacation.
  • Pregnancy Massage: making a human is hard work! Massage is great for helping with the general discomforts. Massage improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood, on top of pain relief, so moms and babies both feel good!

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