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Antoine R., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Antoine

  • Therapist since 2017
  • Pranic Healing to restore the energy
  • Myo Fascial to release the tissues
  • Cranial Sacral to realign the fascia
  • Hot Stone to warm the soul

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My Healthy Tip: To many very ancient cultures and traditions breath is acknowledged as universal medicine, and for good reason. When we understand how the status of our overall health ties to the life force energy that flows through our bodies, and how our breath is the key of controlling that lifeforce, we have the power to regain control of our own health and wellbeing.


About Me: I believe the body heals itself. The source and cause of all healing is within each individual, so my work in the healing arts is related to connecting people with that source. This is my personal philosophy; that true healing is restoration from the inside-out.

What Massage Means To Me: My love for massage is a product of my love of service. When I initially learned Pranic Healing and discovered I had the means, the will and the desire to serve other people through healing, I sought a way to be of greater service and to make healing a career for myself, which naturally led to massage therapy. My humble approach to the body on my table is like water: comforting, refined, smooth, seamless and filled with grace.

My Education And Training:

  • Advanced Pranic Healing/Psychotherapy/Crystal Healing 2012
  • Arizona School of Massage Therapy 2017
  • Hot Stone/Mu-Xing 2018
  • Watsu 2019
  • Ayurvedic Massage 2020


  • Full body Connective Strokes
  • Head neck and shoulder deep relaxation
  • Trigger Point release
  • Energetic and Intuitive Touch

My Favorite Services:

  • Lomi Lomi Massage: is a very special and sacred dance and rite of initiation in Hawaii. The soulfulness of the movement over the body feels like the healing waves of the ocean wrapping you in a deep cocoon of bliss, freedom and purification.
  • Chocolate Lovers for Lovers: chocolate is surely king among things that can be considered both sweets and medicine. The pleasure of being serenaded in chocolate with your lover for hours is sure to delight and revitalize the soul.
  • Double Hawaiian Lomi Lomi: If Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an expression of bliss, inner healing and spiritual expansion then Double Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is exponentially greater than that. Four hands rock you in the cradle of an ocean wave, melting away all your stress, tension and worldly concerns.
  • Hawaiian Experience Hot Stone Massage: the heat transferred from hot stones is able to penetrate the tissue deeper and faster than deep tissue massage allowing for far greater relaxation. Combining the heated bliss with aromatherapy in a signature flow, that is the true Hawaiian Experience.
  • Lavender Spa Experience: lavender is a great scent and energy for purification and transmutation of lower vibrational energies such as stress, fear, anger, depression, etc. Receiving it’s healing benefits in the form of a body scrub, wrap and massage will leave you with a lightness of being beyond your wildest dreams.

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