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Barbara L.,Goodyear Assistant Spa Manager

About Barbara

  • Ohana member since 2015
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Love kayaking and taking hikes
  • Love to Read
  • Originally from New York

My Spa Tip: Get to the spa well ahead of your appointment so that you have the time to change into your robe and sandals, fill out any paperwork and have time to relax with a cup of tea before your service; or come in early and use the sauna to relax your muscles and give the therapist a head start on making you feel the best that you can feel. Then when you checkout, join the Wellness Program to save money each time and book your appointment ahead of time so that you can get the day, time and therapist that you would like.


About Me: Aloha! I am the Assistant Manager of the Goodyear Spa. After moving here in 2014 from New York and finding my own little piece of Paradise here in Arizona, I found my Hawaiian Paradise to work! I have been with Hawaiian Experience Spa since 2015 and have watched it grow into a spectacular spa. I started out as a Spa Administrator and helped people book their appointments and guided them towards the best massage and therapist that I felt would work best for them. I am now the Ali’i and am eager to make sure that you have the best experience possible every time that you come through the door of the Goodyear Spa. I look forward to making your visits the best possible experience.

What I Like About My Job: I love the Aloha Spirit that exists in the spa. I love the feeling of having Ohana. I like to see the happy faces leaving the spa after a wonderful treatment and using the facilities of the spa when they came in feeling sore, tight and unhappy. I enjoy speaking to guests and hearing how their experience was beyond what they imagined. I love to hear them say that they have been other places and walked out the door and had no desire to go back because they felt that the staff did not care and were just doing there job; but have a totally spectacular service with us because of the amenities that we offer and the whole spirit of Aloha and they want to come back again and again.

How I Try To Make Your Experience Exceptional: My job at the spa is primarily to make sure that every guest has the best possible service and feels the spirit of Aloha each and every time. I train the spa administrators to be attentive, to keep the spa neat and clean, give tours to all guests and advise them of all the things that we offer to make their services the best that they can be, make sure that products are kept full and towels are in the shower and to make sure they are sharing the spirit of Aloha.

My Favorite Services:

  • Hawaiian Experience Lomi Lomi Massage: This is one of the most relaxing massages. It is what we are mainly known for. Your mind seems to shut down and forces you to relax and the coconut oil is so great for your skin!
  • Maui Relaxation: This massage includes aromatherapy, hot towels and some traditional massage and some lomi lomi.  It has it all!  Who wouldn’t love all this!
  • Head to Toe Anti-ox Detox Package: For those who are a little more modest and just enjoy a more traditional style massage.