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Breezee M.,Spa Administrator

About Breezee

  • Ohana member since 2020
  • Yoga aids back pain
  • Drink a gallon of water a day
  • Monitor stress levels
  • Sleep and eat happy

My Spa Tip: Sit in the sauna 15-30 minutes before your massage to loosen muscles, shower and enjoy your treatment.


About Me: Aloha! Native to the islands of Hawaii I moved to Arizona eighteen years ago. Married to my best friend for fifteen years, we are a blended family of five, two dogs and a Sun Conure. My husband is a born and raised Phoenician and my most treasured desert gem. Melting our two cultures together is a beautiful adventure that keeps us on our toes. Time with my ohana is most important to me and usually spent hiking, cooking together, board games, movies, or park visits.

What I Like About My Job: Growing up in Hawaii our culture’s heart is centered around the “Aloha Spirit”, which is expressed through my family. Hence, why I love working at Hawaiian Experience Spa. My personal experience in the spa is greeting guests, serving a relaxing atmosphere with my spa ohana, and the bonus of listening to Hawaiian music throughout the spa…it takes me back home listening to my uncles kanikapila (music jam session) during family gatherings. Some of my favorite jobs in Hawaii was lei greeting, Hula and Tahitian Dancer welcoming mainland guests before entering luau’s (Hawaiian party). The spa keeps me in remembrance of that.

My Education And Training: Some of my achievements involve representing Mrs. New Mexico International 2017. A title to honor the move my parents made to Cloves, NM where I was born on a military base. I utilized my reign to promote my platform as a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse advocate, empowering women of all ages through confidence building and community service. I am also a model and actor featured in local and international commercials. I keep my busy life balanced through self-care routines that involve daily activities, drinking lots of water, good night’s sleep, and monitoring stress levels. Working at Hawaiian Experience Spa keeps me aligned with my self-care goals. I hope your experience in the spa is just as if not more illuminating. See you soon!

My Favorite Services:

  • Head To Toe Anti-ox Detox Treatment: Sets my facial bar expectation high. Two hours of bliss included a detox and a head massage. It was life changing for me, I feel like a brand-new person after each treatment.
  • Hawaiian Experience Lomi Lomi Massage: Times when my digestion is kinked Lomi Lomi gets me healthy again. I don’t feel sluggish after and I’m ready to take on my busy life again.
  • Chocolate Experience: It’s chocolate!!! Other than obvious reasons, I chose this service for the magnesium properties. My body responses well to magnesium, relaxing any muscle tension.
  • Hot Stone Massage: I like this different texture of massage. The Hot Stones provides a relaxation beyond the traditional massage. My muscles felt warm and limber.