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Cynthia S.

Lead Licensed Massage Therapist of Team Hui' lokahi
Cynthia S, LMT

Cynthia S
  Lead Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi there, my name is Cynthia and I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. I have worked in and out of the industry during this time, and can honestly say that giving great messages is as enjoyable for me as it is for my satisfied clients. With massage, I am able to improve my client’s personal wellness, and by doing that, I receive a great deal of pride and satisfaction. Over the years I have perfected my craft and am able to consistently surpass my client’s expectations.  I do this by focusing on all of my client’s specific needs, not limiting the experience to a simple rub down. The art of massage really becomes art when the therapist can communicate with the client to give the exact setting, stimulation, pressure, and technique catered to their unique needs to maximize their complete experience.  I view a massage as not only a physical act, but a total mind and body experience that if done correctly, greatly enhances personal wellness.

After a few years of living in Gilbert and San Tan Valley, I am super excited to be back living and working in Chandler. Originally from San Diego, I came to the valley back in 2004 and I love it here. I enjoy many aspects of life and am proud of living a healthy lifestyle. I adopted a mainly vegetarian diet several years ago, and have recently upped my health effort by introducing organic fruit and vegetable juicing into my diet. I also attend Zumba classes semi-regularly and intend to become an instructor in the very near future. I do all of the same activities that most of us Arizonian’s do such as hiking, biking, going to the river, etc. In my “downtime”, I like to spend time with my family and always enjoy Starbucks and shopping. I love coffee and clothes almost as much as I enjoy being pampered!

Being admittedly new to Hawaiian Experience Spa, I cannot wait to take advantage of the sauna and receive body treatments and facials, and at the same time get to perfect the specialty and traditional Hawaiian massages! Hawaiian Experience Spa really is paradise in the desert!  If I haven’t had the opportunity to give you a massage yet, I invite you to join me, and if you haven’t been to Hawaiian Experience yet, I welcome you to join us. Aloha.


Healthy Tip: You get in what you put out. Being healthy takes effort, but it pays for itself.