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Denise R.,Licensed Massage Therapist


  • Therapist since 2004
  • Empathic Aattunement to foster interpersonal comfort and safety
  • Sacred lomi for rhythmic relaxation
  • Personable and professional
  • Holistically minded

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My Healthy Tip: I would invite clients to maximize their massage experience by scheduling down time immediately before and after a visit to the spa.


About Me: Aloha! My name is Denise and I have been practicing massage for over 15 years. It is a privilege to work at the Hawaiian Expericne Spa and to serve the guests seeking a unique healing experience. I work hard to deliver a tailored treatment that is suited to the specific needs and wishes of each honored guest. As a practionioner, I excel at Swedish massage but I can also perform deep tissue and other therapeutic modalities designed to address soft tissue problems. In addition, I enjoy practicing the sacred art of lomi lomi and other body treatments offered as part of the Hawaiian Experience.

What Massage Means To Me: My philosphy on the topic of health is both holistic and comprehensive. Today, I strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle that addresses the needs of the mind, body, and spirit. Some of my favorite self-care activities include fitness, yoga, nutrition, reading and spending time with loved ones. In our fast-paced culture, where we are encouraged to do more, consume more,and collect more, finding time to rejuvenate and to simply be is unconventional. In this regard I am dedicated to living rebelliously. It is therefore my greatest passion to fulfill the intention of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and to help others do the same.

My Education And Training:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004
  • Certification in Massage Therapy from Academy of Professional Careers 2004
  • Lomi Lomi Training 2017

Specialties: I have advanced training in lomi lomi, hot stone , thai, and watsu.


My Favorite Services:

  • Hawaiian Experiecne Lomi Lomi:¬† As a bedrock of the Hawaiian massage, lomi lomi provides an experiential understanding of the sacred nature of this traditional healing art.
  • Chocolate Lovers for Lovers: ¬†Cultivating love requires quality time spent immersed in shared activities that foster sensory pleasure, empathetic attunement and memorable experiences making this treatment a great option for romantic partners.
  • Coconut Sea Salt Lomi: This experience allows for the recipients to experience a tropical staycation, while exfoliating and moisturizing all those hard t reach places.
  • Lavender Body Scrub and Lavender Masage:¬† Olfaction and mood are inextricably related. Since lavender has been found by scientific research to elicit a calming effect, pairing this scent with a massage can help maximize a state of inner peace.
  • Double Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage: The mind can be a busy place to inhabit. By redirecting focus to the body, the inundation of rhythmic, soothing touch offered in this treatment works to foster greater mindfulness in the moment, while simultaneously eliciting the relaxtion response.

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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