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Emily K..

Licensed Massage Therapist

Emily K.
Licensed Esthetician

Aloha! My name Is Emily, I have been a License Esthetician since 2012. In 2012 I graduated from Hamilton High School in Chandler Arizona. I also Graduated from EVIT with my Esthetic’s license the same year. I am an Arizona native and I love it here that’s why I’ll never leave! I love to go camping and hiking with friends and family in my spare time and love making new friendships and new beginnings! Skin care and teaching children have always been two of my biggest passions. I use to teach at a Montessori Charter Grade school for two years and I loved every minute of it but decided skin care is what I’m most excited about. I like to help problem solving I have a really big heart and I’m understanding of mostly any situation given to me. I like to view things as a “360” and be very open minded and down to earth. I love to help others and be there for a shoulder to lean on. I’m very excited to be apart of the Ohana! I like to think that each day is a new learning and growth opportunity. If there is anything I can do to help make the day go smoother and efficient, I am proud to help. I like to take on any challenge life has to throw at me and turn it into something positive and great. I love having clients come in that I am able to help and have them leaving their treatment feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, satisfied and want to come back for more! I’m very passionate about Skin Care and helping clients feel good. You will be at ease knowing you are in good hands. I’m ecstatic to be in this journey and see where life takes me with my Ohana at Hawaiian Experience Spa!