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Chico P., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Chico

  • Massage Therapist since 2015
  • Staying active, stays healthy!
  • Stretch
  • Plenty of H2O
  • Get massages!

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My Healthy Tip: Drink plenty of H2O to keep from dehydration and keep the muscles lubricated. Stretch as much as possible. If you start to feel tingling in any area stretch it! It help!


About Me: Aloha my names Francisco P. but I also go by Chico. Born and raised here in Arizona! So I love our valley of the sun! My favorite motto is “You must face your Demons, before you may play with your Angel’s!” Meaning you must go thru the bad before you can enjoy the good! I love this!

What Massage Means To Me: This industry means the world to me! I’ve never thought I could help so many lives with what I do, but that was my goal! To be just like superman and help as many people in this world as I can! I strive for the best so that’s what kinda massage you will be getting! The best!

My Education And Training:
  • Graduated GED in 2011
  • Injury rehabilitation: 2015
  • Sports: 2015
  • Cranial:2015
  • Prental:2017
  • Cupping:2018
  • Gua’sha: 2018
  • Lomi-lomi:2019

Specialties: I love to mix and incorporate all types of different modalities in my massage! I specialize in Sports, injury rehabilitation, deep tissue, shiatsu, lomi-lomi, relaxation & cranial sacral therapy. Whether it be stretches for achy muscles or relaxation to escape. I’ll take great care of you!

My Favorite Services:

  • Chocolate Experience: this is my favorite. 120 min is a 3 part massage (Scrub, Wrap, & Massage) and at the end of the whole service you smell and feel like a huge Hershey bar! Who doesn’t love chocolate!?
  • Coconut Sea Salt Lomi: a scrub to make your body feel soft and silky. Then a lomi massage to relax and unwind!
  • Scents of Hawaii: this service is amazing! Pick your scent and enjoy the lomi massage and the different scents your smelling to help drift away into your service! My favorite!
  • Hawaiian Experience Lomi-Lomi: this service is one of my favorites! Once I had this massage I didn’t want any other massage ever! So relaxing! So spiritual! Its amazing!

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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