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Hilary Medina.

Licensed Esthetician
Scottsdale Spa

Hilary M.
Licensed Esthetician

Aloha! I’m Hilary. I went to Marinello’s School of Beauty for Aesthetics and have been a licensed aesthetician since 2012. I was born and raised in this beautiful state of Arizona and couldn’t imagine life any different. I have four years’ experience in working with Eminence Organics and have a passion for natural healing.
One thing I’ve learned about living in this dry heat, is that no matter the skin type, everyone is affected by the weather. I have seen firsthand the havoc the sun, heat, and dust can wreak on our largest organ, especially to those visiting Arizona. With potent organic skincare, I am making it my mission to show you how to revive and rejuvenate your own beautiful skin. I’ve witnessed countless cases of severe sun damage leading into skin cancer; many of which could have been avoided if only the client had been shown how to protect their skin adequately. Giving my clients the knowledge to control the health of their skin, is my way of giving back that sense of empowerment. Since my training at Marinello’s, I have also been certified in eyelash extension application, dermaplaning, micro-pigment implantation, and facial microcurrent therapy. There is always more to learn, and so I look forward to continuing my education in the beauty industry.
In the past I struggled with acne, which is ultimately what lead me to study aesthetics. I was anxious to change lives by educating and inspiring confidence. I truly believe in the importance of skin care, and I’m eager to share my knowledge to be able to provide you with the best organic skin care. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the delight on my clients’ face, when they look in the mirror and see a healthy glowing, youthful new person looking back at them.