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Jose P.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jose P
Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha, My name is Jose P. Welcome to Hawaiian Experience Spa! I am originally from El Paso, Texas but my family had a better opportunity out here and we moved to Phoenix when I was around 2 or 3. Skip forward about 15 years and I graduated from Trevor Browne high school in 2009. One summer night I could not sleep and I decided to turn on the radio, the commercial for Arizona School of Massage therapy in Phoenix was on and something felt right to take a look at the program. A month later I was starting school, I graduated in 2010 and this is November I will hit my 8 years as a licensed therapist. I love focusing in relaxation and pain management so helping people that come in with many different discomforts makes me want to alleviate their pains. Helping people has always been something I enjoy doing so using my skills and different modalities that I have learned over time on new clients really makes me happy. Making others feel their best is my ultimate goal! My hobbies are hiking, working out, and of course regular massages. I can be a homebody, so I watch plenty of movies and shows all the time. If you’d like any recommendations of what to watch just ask me! My favorite thing to do is going to massage schools and give my best positive advice to our future therapists. Teaching them techniques or something they also can try on their clients. Spreading the benefits of massage therapy and encouraging everyone to try it out at least once, is the most natural thing anybody can do for themselves. Just like you coming in to see me and the other therapists here at Hawaiian Experience Spa! I hope you enjoy my services!