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Leccxy M.,Licensed Massage Therapist

About Leccxy

  • Massage Therapist since 2005
  • Pro-holistic approach
  • Music heals
  • Sleep is essential
  • Born to massage

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My Healthy Tip: If you’re looking to maximize your results from your massage, hydration is key. Drink plenty of water before and after. Your muscles will thank you for it.


About Me: Aloha! I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am the second oldest of 8 siblings. I am a lover of animals, music and all bodies of water. I have been massaging for 14 consecutive years.

What Massage Means To Me: I truly believe I was born to massage. It has been something I’ve been doing for my family since I was 14 years old. My natural design is to be a part of the solution of any life situation. I thrive most when helping other people.

My Education And Training:

  • Graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2005
  • Prenatal certified 2005
  • Hot Stone training 2005
  • Facial rejuvenation and Lymphatic body wraps 2008
  • Lomi Lomi training 2019


  • Migraine Therapy: If your migraines are stress related, T.M.J. related, or allergy induced, I can relieve immediate pressure from 30 mins to 1 hour of focus work.
  • Low Back Release: related to desk work, sports, and standing for long periods of time.
  • Sciatic Nerve/Piriformis Release: If you have pain shooting down your leg or loss of range of motion in your hips and low back, I can get you moving again.
  • “Desk” Work Release: This is to undo pain related to sitting at a desk all day.

The Top Five Services I Recommend And Why:

  • Maui Relaxation Massage: The combination of the hot towel treatment and the aromatherapy allows guests to REALLY indulge
  • Hot Stone Massage: I like this one for the deep knots when you have a small amount of time and a lot needs to be accomplished. This one aids the most in detox.
  • Lomi Lomi Massage: For a person who really wants to enjoy a medium pressure, flowing escape, this would be the way to go.
  • Chocolate Lovers Experience: I love performing this treatment because it is super hydrating and smells great
  • Lavender Experience: This treatment completely takes you away from a stressful day!

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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