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Maricela P.,Lead Licensed Massage Therapist

About Maricela

  • Therapist since 2014
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My Healthy Tip: Drink plenty of water and remember to stretch.


About Me: I was born and raised in Yuma, AZ, and moved to Phoenix in 2017. I’m a mother to 2 teenage boys, and recently got engaged. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 6 years, 3 of them here at Hawaiian Experience Spa. When I’m not working at the spa I’m spending time with my family.

What Massage Means To Me: I became a massage therapist to help people. Massage to me is more than just relaxation. I have seen physical, emotional, and spiritual healing take place with massage.

My Education And Training:

  • Certification of Massage from Arizona Western College in 2014
  • Massage for the medically frail/ massage for hospice care 2014
  • Secrets to deep tissue massage and myofascial release 2015
  • Sacred Lomi Lomi massage 2018 and 2019


  • Lomi Lomi Massage, lomi lomi is my favorite massage modality. I have taken the sacred lomi training twice and have really fallen in love with it.
  • Swedish Massage, perfect for stress reduction
  • Deep tissue, for more targeted treatment and therapeutic needs
  • Spa treatments, I really enjoy doing body scrubs and wraps.

The Top Five Services I Recommend And Why:

    • Lomi Lomi Massage:  in my opinion it is the perfect massage for relaxation, and an experience I think everyone should try at least once
    • Waikiki Massage:  you can have relaxation with long flowing strokes of the lomi, but incorporate therapeutic massage.
    • Body Scrubs/ Wraps: helps to exfoliate and moisturize leaving your skin feeling amazing
    • Coconut Sea Salt Lomi: start your service with some awesome exfoliation with the scrub and end with an amazing lomi massage.
    • Chocolate Experience: This service is one of my favorites, you get a scrub, wrap, and massage.

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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