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Mike M.

Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist
Mike, Chandler massage therapist

Mike M
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

A constant theme is consistently repeated in my life and I offer this as a mantra for you to carry into your life… so take in a deep breath and as you exhale say “Today I will do less and accomplish more”. I offer the exact same to you through my bodywork and massage style. Hi there, my name is Mike and I was born and raised here in Arizona, and every time I mention that I also hear how rare that is.

Personally, I think it is awesome to hear that because it makes Arizona a wonderful place to listen and share experiences from amazing people. Even native Arizona dwellers have shared experiences and I know there are so many more outstanding people to meet. Some of the things I love about my state are the cool supportive people in my life, stable weather, sunshine and those breath-taking sunsets. My favorite activities include, but are not limited to going to quiet remote locations or even places I had been before and just taking it all in. In an ever changing world it is these observations that create the beauty in the chaos. If you haven’t maybe take a moment to find some things you love about where you are from. In 2009 I finally made the life changing choice to become a massage therapist, this came from an experience 8 years prior as I was first introduced to the therapeutic value of massage. I am fascinated with modalities in my field and I enjoy exploring many of these styles to incorporate those concepts to accomplish goals you may have when you visit us at the Hawaiian Experience Spa.

Some of my concepts consider knowledge obtained from clinical and physical medicine from my previous occupations. Humbly I offer you my slow methodical style for your therapeutic benefit.