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Mike M.,Licensed Massage Therapist

About Mike

  • Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010
  • Lifelong learner of massage therapy
  • Born and raised in Arizona
  • Mellow and easygoing
  • Understanding of all

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My Healthy Tip: My tip for my clients is that motion is lotion. Movement in life helps facilitate nutrient exchange in many joints and muscles. If you have the opportunity just take the time to get up and move if you are sitting still.


About Me: Aloha, my name is Michael, but you can book me under Mike M. I was born and raised in Arizona and I love it here. When I was first exposed to massage therapy it was an introduction course at a career fair in high-school. It was then that I decided massage therapy was what I wanted to do. I studied massage and read any material about massage to further enhance my knowledge about the field and practice. However, at the same career fair I stumbled upon an Army recruiter and straight out of high-school I went into the military in the medical field. After leaving active duty, I joined the reserves, and came back for massage school.

What Massage Means To Me: To me massage has been complimentary to western medicine. Many clients new to massage have heard that massage is alternative medicine or it’s own entity in and of itself. While practicing massage I have been able to guide and assist many clients in therapeutics and healing. I always do my best to remain honest and set genuine goals for any clients receptive and having questions about massage therapy.

My Education And Training:

  • Certification in Massage Therapy from Arizona School of Massage Therapy 2010
  • East Indian Head Massage Basic and Advanced 2013
  • Knee Joint release and Accessing Psoas 2014 
  • Myoskeletal Techniques Posture and Pain Specialty 2014 
  • Fundamentals and Advanced Kinesio Taping 2015
  • Sacred Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork 2018

Specialties: My education and training is based in but not limited to injury rehab. My specialty is mostly focused in anatomy and movement. However my style presents itself as very relaxing, I pride myself on flow and transition. All massage can be customized and as long as there’s an open line of communication I can match specific modalities I practice to fit your needs.

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