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Nicole K.

Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist and Trainer
LMT in Chandler, Nicole

Nicole K
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist and  Trainer

Aloha! My name is Nicole. I love everything I have learned about massage therapy and I’m excited for my next step in my future. I grew up in Chandler, AZ and graduated from Chandler High School in 2013. I have had a passion to be a massage therapist since I was in grade school for many reasons including the fact that it is part of the holistic care field. I love the natural benefits that come from massage therapy and I have always enjoyed providing massage therapy. I am often told that I am a very laid back and easy going person and I feel that this career fits my personality best.

I attended the massage therapy program at EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) in East Mesa and completed the program with 850 hours. I also spent a lot of time practicing in the student therapist clinic that was provided to us which was a great additional benefit in my education.

Other hobbies that I enjoy are mainly spending time with friends and family and hiking when I get the chance to.   I am very excited to keep expanding my practice, learning new things, and continuing to grow as a therapist at the Chandler Hawaiian Experience Spa!