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Nicole S.,Licensed Massage Therapist

About Nicole

  • Therapist since 2010
  • Whether you think you can or think you cannot you are right
  • Love yourself by loving your body
  • Keep an open mind and open heart and your life will be filled with joy and light
  • Be kind and compassionate in all you do

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My Healthy Tip: Make sure to drink a lot of water through out the day to wash out all the toxins that have been released within your body so as not to retrap them or get sick from them. Using Epsom salts in a warm bath also help to rid your body of toxins and soreness after a session. Both of these recommendations can also be essential in your normal life to keep your body healthy and toxin free.


About Me: I have been a Massage Therapist for 11 years. I’ve been in Arizona on and off for the past 11 yrs on and off and I love the heat as well as the many different types of therapeutic options I’ve found here. I love to help people and massage is the therapeutic means by which I do so. I’m up beat and hell bent on doing all I can for my clients. When I start a massage I make a space for just my client and I, blocking out the rest of the world to focus on the healing we can do together. I look forward to each massage and all the custom work I can do to help my clients.

What Massage Means To Me: Massage Therapy has been a love of mine since I was a child. It came easy to me and I would give my family members and friends massages all the time. It comes naturally to me, which is why I moved to Arizona when I was 18 to become a professional Massage Therapist. Being able to help people to heal and find peace also brings me peace. Being a Massage Therapist helps me to expand my knowledge of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. I’ve been able to see the result of emotion in the physical body and help clients to find their ways through hardships energetically as well as physically. I find joy in changing the physical and energetic body for the betterment of my clients, family, and friends. Learning all that I have through Massage Therapy has helped me in my personal life and well being. When I massage I make a safe therapeutic space in which only my client and myself exist. I become only the tool by which my clients body can be understood and healed. It’s a meditation and energetic experience for both my client and myself. I’m so grateful for everything that Massage has to offer and every way it has affected my life.

My Education And Training:

  • Arizona School of Massage Therapy: 815.5 Credited hours of training
  • Massage Therapy Certificate 2009
  • Russian Sports Massage 2009
  • Shiatsu 2009
  • Acupressure 2009
  • Reflexology 2009
  • Swedish 2009
  • Cranial Sacral 2009
  • Sports Massage 2009
  • CPR 2009
  • First Aide 2009
  • Injury Massage 2009
  • Trigger Point 2009
  • Structural Body Work (Rolfing) 2009
  • Anatomy and Physiology 2009
  • Pathology 2009
  • Deep Tissue 2009
  • South West Institute of Healing Arts –  Chakras-Intro 2012
  • Advanced Massage Arts and Education (Jimmy Gialelis)
  • Japanese Medical Massage -Organ Harmony 2014
  • Maikia Lomi Lomi 2016
  • Massage Considerations for The Elderly 2017
  • Thai Elevated Massage 2017
  • Myofascial Release- Fascial Fusion 2019
  • Cranio Sacral 2020
  • Institute For Integrative Healthcare Studies
  • Thai Yoga Massage 2012
  • Chronic Pain Management 2016
  • Advanced Anatomy and Pathology 2016
  • Aromatherapy: Restoring Emotional Balance 2017
  • Psychoneuroimmunology for Bodyworkers 2017
  • Ayurvedic Massage Fundamentals 2019
  • Shiatsu 2019
  • Pharmacology for Massage 2020

Specialties: I work mostly with Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Injury, Sports, and Structural Massage Therapy. However, I customize each massage using all of my training and I always incorporate an energetic component.

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