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Noemi J.

Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist
Noemi, massage therapist in Goodyear

Noemi J
Kahuna Licensed Massage Therapist

Aloha! My name is Noemi James.

My interest in massage therapy started at a young age. Living with my grandmother, who worked a full job, volunteered at church, and helped care for her 11 grandchildren, often complained about having back aches and pains. She would ask me to give her a massage. At first I didn’t understand what I was doing or why, but being able to see the effects it had her both physically and mentally lit the fire to the passion I have for massage therapy.

After graduating high school, I went directly to the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. Not only did they provide me an extreme amount of knowledge but they took the passion that I had since a child and developed that into something that I love today.

Outside of massage therapy, I enjoy the outdoors. My husband and I frequently take our two daughters out hiking or fishing. Being able to spend quality time together disconnected from electronics is an important aspect of my life. We also hold annual passes to Disneyland, so to say the least, we are a Disney Family. Our oldest daughter is crazy about the zoo, usually once a month we will take a family day and go to a zoo. When all else fails, a nice quite evening with my family watching a movie suits me just fine.

During the six years of massaging, after graduating, I have gotten to work with many different people in all walks of life with different symptoms. Not everyone is alike nor do they require the same massage which plays into the most enjoyable part of my career, being able to talk with people, get to know their needs, and be able to truly help them feel better.

Whether its aches and pains, stress, of just want a relaxing massage, come and see me!