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Olivia R., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Olivia

  • Works Primarily in Scottsdale Spa
  • Flourishes outside
  • Animal obsessed
  • Client centered
  • Sanrio lover

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My Healthy Tip: Not a fan of baths or physically unable to take them, but still want the benefits of an Epsom salt bath. Try magnesium lotion!

About Me: Aloha! My name is Olivia. When I’m not at our spa oasis, you can find me drawing, rockhounding, singing karaoke, and playing with my big beefy dog Titan. My ultimate goal is to provide a client centered session where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. As someone with sensory issues, you will never be too much for me if you need things to be adjusted, I understand. We will always work within your comfort level. Deep tissue massage is my specialty as I sink through the layers of fascia and muscle, down to the bone without causing pain. When people “beat you up” so to speak in a massage, they’re just going into the muscle with too much force, the muscle rejects the palpation and becomes even more hypertonic. We want you to leave the session with overall less tension than when you first arrived, not more! I hope to facilitate the process of your body and mind connecting through relaxation and rejuvenation. See you soon!

What Massage Means To Me: When I was young my mom experienced the worst pain of her life after a toxic marriage and divorce. It was a debilitating pain in her lower abdomen, not one doctor across the southwest could find a cure for it. Eventually they suggested an exploratory surgery to hopefully search and find the cause. My mom was apprehensive about this and decided to explore her options before pursuing surgery. She came across bodywork and in a matter of a few sessions, her pain had completely vanished. She essentially had fascial adhesions in between her organs. When I attended massage school, I also realized how beneficial massage is for trauma survivors, elderly, and people struggling with addiction. A safe therapeutic touch can reduce rates of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. So, to me, massage really means everything.

My Education And Training:

  • Graduated Mingus Union High School 2017- 2018
  • Sedona School of Massage 2018- 2019
  • Aromatherapy course, SIHA 2020
  • A non-surgical approach to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • AMTA 2021 Massage for elderly, those with diabetes, and those with dementia AMTA 2022

Specialties: Have you ever heard the expression “if it hurts, it’s working.”? That unfortunately is not always the case. My specialty is slow deep tissue massage. If you go in with too much force, the muscle rejects it, becoming even more tense. My technique allows me to go to the deepest muscles, while maintaining your comfort and relaxation. Hope to see you soon!


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