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Ruby K., Licensed Massage Therapist

About Ruby

  • Therapist since 2019
  • I love scrubs and wraps
  • Born and raised Arizonan
  • Animal lover
  • I love helping relieve pain

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My Healthy Tip: Try to stay active and exercise! There are so many great outdoor and recreation places in Arizona, go on a hike, go swimming or kayaking, explore new places! You have no excuse for not staying active and relaxing outside here in Arizona except maybe in summer, and even then, you can still go swimming, or enjoy a sunrise hike. Get out there and explore! Your mind and body will thank you.



About Me: Aloha! My name is Ruby and I’m a born and raised Arizona native! And I love living here in the Valley of the Sun. When I’m not doing massage, I love going hiking and exploring this beautiful state. I’m also incredibly passionate about animals, of which I have many! I currently breed registered purebred Nubian dairy goats and raise chickens and turkeys. And if that wasn’t enough, I also have three dogs, three cats, and several tortoises! It’s a lot of work taking care of all of them, but there’s nothing better than baby goat snuggles, except maybe a good massage!

What Massage Means To Me: When I decided to become a massage therapist I knew I was going to like the career path having been exposed to the benefits of massage and physical therapy all my life. My parents are a physical therapist and a physical therapy tech.  But over the course of my schooling I became even more passionate about it and now I can’t imagine doing anything else! I love nothing more than to help people relax and relieve their pain. Because no one deserves to live in pain or endure all the stress and tension that life always puts us through.

My Education And Training:

  • Certification in Massage Therapy from Arizona College of Allied Health in 2019. Graduated with a 4.0 GPA
  • Working with TMJD Patients training 2019
  • Prenatal Massage Considerations advanced training 2019


  • Relaxation! I love helping my clients de-stress and relax from their busy lives.
  • Chronic pain conditions like Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel: I know many great techniques to help with chronic pain conditions. No one deserves to live in pain!
  • Lomi Lomi: Lomi Lomi is an incredibly therapeutic massage modality, as well as very relaxing. I love being able to combine such aspects of massage so fluidly, so you get the most out of your session.
  • Spa Treatments: body scrubs and wraps are a fantastic way to relax and take care of your skin and your body!

My Favorite Services:

  • Chocolate Lovers Massage Experience: For the chocolate lover in your life, this is the perfect romantic gift! This couples experience is my favorite, not only does the chocolate scrub, chocolate wrap, and cocoa butter all smell amazing, but chocolate has wonderful therapeutic benefits too. Just be prepared to crave chocolate sweets after!
  • Hawaiian Experience Hot Stone Massage:  This massage is the perfect combination of half hot stone massage and half lomi lomi massage! The therapeutic effects of both really complement each other well giving you a wonderful relaxing and therapeutic experience.
  • Maui Relaxation Massage: This is an amazing massage that incorporates wonderful hot neck and face towels as well as some lomi massage techniques for ultimate relaxation! This is one of my favorite massages.
  • Kaua’i Clay Body Mask: Love the scrub and wrap spa treatments but want to try something a little different? I love our Kaua’I Clay Body Mask! The clay is amazing for your skin, cleansing and detoxing while also moisturizing. It’s definitely something anyone that loves scrubs and wraps should try at least once!

Five Star Guest Reviews:

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<span>, GOOGLE REVIEW - 5 Stars</span>
"All I can say is AMAZING!! From being greeted at the front desk to the facilities and services. What an incredible experience! I went with my wife, we did the couples lomi lomi massage. Shay and Ruby where our therapists (I highly recommend both). This experience is a must!! We will most definitely be back!! Thank you"
- Guy S., GOOGLE REVIEW - 5 Stars