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Shallon H.,Licensed Aesthetician

About Shallon

  • Aesthetician since 2018
  • Food cusine lover
  • Connections with others brings me joy
  • Love dancing, yoga and movement
  • Health and wellness fanatic

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My Healthy Tip: What you consume will reflect on your skin so be mindful with ingredients, foods and hydration intake.


About Me: My name is Shallon and I have been an Aesthetician for three years. I love to learn and practice everything from herbal supplementation to facial massage and lymphatic drainage. I love to be in nature, spend time with friends and family, and try new cusine. I can’t wait to explore this new city that I am in.

What Aesthetics Means To Me: As a teen I wasn’t wonderfully confident with myself. I felt low and gave into my fears of not feeling good enough. I experienced facial breakouts often and was left with dark marks galore. I used the wrong products for my skina and ate poorly. The energy around me did the opposite of lifting me up and a time came where I just had enough and wanted to change my internal feelings, reflecting on my outer appearance. I began to listen to my inner voice and headed down a more confident and self loving path. I dove into herbal knowledge, holistic modalities and overall nutrition and wellness the earth provides. From there I was led to work at a spa that changed everything for me. I was inspired by all the body, mind and soul healing and human connection around me. I enrolled in Aesthetician school and never looked back.

Today I find my peace and purpose in this career in helping others to embrace themselves naturally and holistically. Helping to improve the interal health as well as the outer. This career is a passion as well as a lifestyle.

My Education And Training: 

  • Certified Aesthtician December 2018, Cinta Aveda Institute,  August 2018, Focus on Holistic Healing
  • Certified Health Coach, International Intergrative Nutrition, November 2020, Focus in Gut Health Healing
  • Osea Malibu Advanced Product Training, 2019

My Specialties: I provide my clients with a sense of relaxation and wholeness as soon as they enter my treatment room. I enjoy focusing on uplifting the overall energy and connection through touch and aroma. I have training in Gua-sha, Lymphatic Drainage, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, High-Frequency, Sculpting and Facial Massage. I always incorporate facial and upperbody massage during my treatments.

My Favorite Eminence Products:

  • Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser because it helps to clear acne while also maintaining the moisture balance and protecting skin’s foundation.
  • Citrus and Kale Potent C&E Serum because it is for all skin types and will help to moisturize as well as protect the skin from enviornmental factors and help produce collagen. It’s an everyday serum!
  • Stone Crop Serum because it is a super hydrator and will help with aging and breakouts as well as provide the skin with tons of antioxidants to help protect it from environmental factors. It can be used day or night!
  • Snow Mushroom and Reishi Mask because it is calming and soothing while also firming and detoxifying. Mushroom adaptogens help to amplify other nutrients that benefit your skin.
  • Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream because its perfect for age maintenance and overall skin balancing during the crucial time of rest when healing can really take place.

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