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Owners Update: December 2022

Aloha: We would like to offer a big mahalo nui loa to everyone who participated in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Your support of the spa is deeply appreciated by all our ‘ohana. We are super happy to let you know that we have not only returned to, but surpassed, our pre-covid sales levels! As you can imagine 2020 sales were much lower than our record 2019 sales due to covid and 2021, while an improvement over 2020, still did not surpass 2019.  Now we have finally put all of that behind as the spas move ahead on all fronts thanks to our incredible ‘ohana and our loyal guests, many of whom have been with us since we opened in 2007! If you have been a guest long enough to remember our very first spa on 116th Street, you are definitely an honored elder (no matter how old you are 😉). Many other guests have been with us since we first opened Chandler or Goodyear or the current Scottsdale location and we thank all of you. Aloha and mahalo to our guests, without whom, we would just be standing around massaging each other! lol

As part of our renewed growth spurt, we added more new members to our team again last month. As you will see in the “About Our ‘Ohana” section, three new massage therapists and one new aesthetician joined our ‘ohana last month! We are aggressively moving ahead with filling our open aesthetics positions and hope to again be offering facials all hours we are open in the near future.

Scottsdale has particularly suffered from staff shortages starting with covid but is getting more staffed every day. Two new therapists started in Scottsdale last month, Gel and Cristina. Cristina came to us already trained in lomi lomi massage and is very passionate about it. Gel has been a therapist since 2017 and is working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 2 pm – 9 pm. She is getting trained in lomi lomi on Tuesday 12/6 but is already available for Mainland massages, hot stone treatments and a variety of other services.

We will be sending out more emails than normal this month due to the holiday sales. We have a countdown to Christmas sale that starts mid month with a different gift card special each day, so we apologize in advance for the extra emails. 😊 If you are looking for gifts or more services for yourself, you will definitely want to check those emails.

We would like to say mahalo nui loa to all of our guests for your support of the spas and our vision of spreading the spirit of aloha. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to email us at

Happy Holidays,

Steve, Cathy and Mike Ibach

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