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Reopening Status: Scottsdale spa has limited hours and services

Aloha: All three of our spas “fully reopened” on May 20th! We put that in quotes because the process of fully reopening is facing a few challenges, especially in our Scottsdale spa which is only opened for reduced hours with limited services. Chandler and Goodyear are open regular hours with only slightly reduced availability for appointments.

Until we actually were able to obtain a legal opening date from the State none of our ‘ohana, except the Ibach family, were working. Once we got that opening date and recalled our staff, most were very excited to return to work and are back at their spa. However, as was expected some ‘ohana did not return for various reasons. Some got other jobs, some changed careers because of the situation and some are not comfortable returning to the work environment just yet. Unfortunately, we could not determine in advance who was not returning so we could not prepare or advise our guests of any staffing shortages before they actually happened. This is a nationwide problem for employers as they recall employees to work.

The Scottsdale Day Spa was hit particularly hard with one spa administrator not returning and several therapists still undecided when they will return. At least one is no longer performing massage therapy. They each have their own reasons which we respect. Unfortunately, it does cause some scheduling problems for our guests but we are working hard to address the shortage. We have put employment ads online and expect to be up to full staff by the end of June, hopefully with some combination of new and existing ‘ohana members. Scottsdale does have a full aesthetics schedule so please book your facials and body treatments! We also have three massage therapists and are expecting more soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our dedicated ‘ohana, most of whom are back at the spa helping our guests stay healthy. Their dedication to their careers enables the rest of us to get that relaxing or therapeutic experience we need. Remember, we are back to a tipping structure so please express your gratitude to your therapist.

Mahalo to all our guests as well for sticking with us during this closure. Your support of the spa is greatly appreciated.  We are so happy to be open again!

Mike, Steve and Cathy

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