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Scottsdale day spa updates: April 2017

April has flown by in the Scottsdale day spa, in part because I was absent for about 1/3 of the month. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to England and officiate the wedding of my good friend, Becca, who just so happens to manage our Goodyear day spa! Congratulations Becca!

We also celebrated a birthday for our new Spa Attendant Crimsen. She has been a great addition to our front desk staff and has picked everything up very quickly. One of our other Spa Attendants, Haley has been with us for 1 year so we had a party in the spa! Haley has recently been transitioning to working as a Massage Therapist in the spa and has been getting great reviews. We would love for you to give her a try.

This month we started displaying and selling some special artwork in the spas. They are metal art prints which use amazing pictures taken by one of Mo’i (owners), Steve. The process creates colors that are vibrant and luminescent with unsurpassed detail and resolution. We currently have 3 different prints for sale and on display in our spas. You can read more about our Hawaii Fine Art here.



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