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Spa Service Gift Certificate Purchase

Gift Cards Valid in Any Hawaiian Experience Spa


Below are service gift certificates, there are more gift certificates, gift ideas and you can book an appointment, by going to our general gifts page.

Purchase gift certificates below valid for nearly any 50, 60, 90, or 120 min massages, facials, and body treatments (Only excludes packages, couples’ services, and occasional specialty services). These gift certificates are valid immediately after purchase. Kama’aina (wellness program participants) go to the kama’aina section below to get your reduced pricing. Gift cards for couples’ experiences and spa packages are priced individually based on the service. Links to purchase those gift cards can be found on the individual service page. See all spa services here.

All Inclusive Gift Cards (No tips expected on top of these prices)

Our therapists are paid an appropriate wage and tipping is not necessary. When comparing prices keep in mind that most spas expect or require tipping of $20 – $25 per hour on top of their prices. At Hawaiian Experience Spa you can just come in and relax, without worrying about tipping, and with the confidence that you are being treated by well paid professionals. Click here if you would like to read about why we are all inclusive.

Instant Gift Cards For Single Sessions
Treatments with one therapist

SALE: Click below to purchase a gift certificate valid for nearly any 50, 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, facial, or spa treatment

Instant Gift Cards For Double Sessions
Treatments with two therapists

For a truly incredible gift you will find nowhere else, give them a four handed double massage! Click below to purchase gift certificates valid for our four handed massages where two therapists work on you simultaneously. They can be used for either the double lomi lomi or the coconut sea salt lomi lomi with two therapists. Coconut sea salt lomi not available in 60 minute length). These gift cards are All Inclusive – no tip required or expected.

Kama'aina Priced Instant Gift Cards

Kama'aina Wellness Plan Participants, purchase for your friend and family here

Aloha Kama’aina! Below you can purchase a gift certificate valid for nearly any 50, 60, 90, or 120 minute massage, facial, or spa treatment at the kama’aina guest rate price of 20% off (excludes double services and other special services). If you would like to suggest something special just type it in the custom notes on the card. You can customize and instantly print out or email the gift certificate. Not all services come in all lengths. You will get the guest price which is 20% off the regular price. You can purchase as many as you want and anyone can use them – they are meant to give to guests not in our wellness plan. There is also an option to purchase a product gift card. For other gift cards, such as couples’ experiences or spa packages, please contact the spa for assistance.

BEFORE PURCHASING!: You must login to the online system first or the below links will not work. Once you login, the system will recognize you as kama’aina and allow the below links to take you to the right place. Click here to login then come back to this page and click the links for your purchases.

As kama’aina you always get a discount when you buy gift cards for friends and family. But with this Valentine’s Day Sale your discount is even bigger. Check out the sales below and buy gift cards for any gift giving you need over the next few months. Prices won’t be this low again until at least Mother’s Day.

Kama'aina Gift Card For Service

Valid for massages, facials, body treatments

Buy gift cards at your kama’aina guest price. Give them to anyone to use. We highly recommend buying gifts with gratuity included to help your guest and the therapist.

Kama'aina Gift Card For Products

Valid for $100 in regularly priced products

As kama’aina you get 15% off all products you purchase for yourself or others. Below you can purchase a gift certificate for $100 in regularly priced products for only $85 to give to a friend or family member as a gift.


Gift certificates for services are valid for service purchased for one year. After one year they can still be used for the dollar amount paid for five years from date of purchase. See gift certificate policies here.