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Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Advanced Therapeutic Massage Highlights

  • Medical Level Massage Therapy
  • Treats chronic & acute pain
  • Neuromuscular massage techniques
  • Only performed by senior therapists
  • Can include relaxation as well

Your massage therapist will use a variety of techniques to treat your condition including various modalities of massage therapy such as neuromuscular massage, stretching, heat and ice, etc. This massage can also include relaxation and Swedish massage techniques. At Phoenix area Hawaiian Experience Spa locations, we provide a substantial amount of advanced therapeutic and medical level massage therapy treating a variety of conditions ranging from a stiff neck to whiplash to chronic pain.

Several Phoenix area physicians refer patients to our therapists to treat various conditions ranging from stress to chronic pain. We also offer other types of therapeutic massages including general full body massages, Hawaiian therapeutic massages, lymphatic drainage massage, and more..

Choose this advanced therapeutic massage if you are visiting us primarily to treat a medical conditions such as…

  • You woke up this morning with a sore neck you need treated
  • You suffer from any type of chronic pain condition
  • You hurt your back cleaning the garage
  • Your shoulder is sore from golf over the weekend
  • Your low back pain is flaring up
  • Your knee hurts after a busy day yesterday
  • Your back generally hurts and needs treatment
  • Your leg hurts from ice skating
  • You want a relaxation massage combined with specific treatment for an issue such listed above.

Kama’aina Prices: 50 min $59.99 | 60 min $69.99 | 90 min $109.99 | 120 min $139.99  Read about our wellness program.

Regular Prices: 50 min $109 | 60 min $119 | 90 min $175 | 120 min $229

New to the Spa? Aloha and e komo mai (welcome)! If you are planning on visiting the spa we encourage you to join our Malama Kama’aina Wellness Program online before your visit to receive the deeply discounted Kama’aina pricing shown throughout our website. You also get a $50 spa gift certificate when you join online before your first visit. The plan has no term – you can cancel anytime. Although once you experience the spa you probably will want to keep your kama’aina status!

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If you don’t wish to join the Wellness Plan you will receive an automatic 20% discount off the regular price.

I scheduled a 90 minute advanced therapeutic massage, preceded by a scrub. It was absolutely fantastic…” Trip Advisor Review written by Patibob from Arizona