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Nui Premium Full Body Massage

Nui Full Body Massage Highlight

  • Deep Tissue or Relaxation
  • Custom pressure as requested
  • Traditional therapeutic massage
  • Full body massage
  • Great choice for any circumstance

Nui means great in Hawaiian. This massage is the closest we have to a traditional full body massage you would find elsewhere except it is a premium massage that can be fully customized to meet your needs. The massage can be performed as a relaxation massage or a deep tissue massage (or a combination of both).  Come in and tell the therapist what you want, what is bothering you, if anything, and he will customize the massage routine with a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to meet your needs at that moment.

Choose this massage if you want a general therapeutic or relaxation massage for full body or just a part of your body such as your back.

New Client Prices: 50 min $69.99 | 60 min $79.99 | 90 min $124.99 | 120 min $159.99

Kama’aina Prices: 50 min $59.99 | 60 min $69.99 | 90 min $109.99 | 120 min $139.99  Read about our wellness program.

Regular Prices: 50 min $99.99 | 60 min $109.99 | 90 min $159.99 | 120 min $209.99


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