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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Highlights

  • Specially trained massage therapists
  • Many benefits for mom-to-be
  • Normally good for any stage
  • 60 minutes session only
  • Must have doctor's consent

The experience of carrying a child can be wonderful on many levels. Bringing a child into the world is certainly a miracle of life.  However, carrying a baby is also very physically demanding on your body and can be full of emotional stress as well.

Pregnancy massage therapy uses special techniques to help your body and your emotions as you progress through this fantastic experience.  This treatment provides many therapeutic benefits to the mom to be including; decreases hypertonicity (muscle tension), increases circulation, decreases stress levels, provides a nurturing experience, increases elasticity of the skin, decreases fluid retention, and it helps you sleep. Treat yourself to regular massages during pregnancy and you will be treating your baby as well!

FOR YOUR SAFETY: You must obtain approval from your doctor before getting a massage.

This service is available in 60 minutes only.

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Other Massage & Spa Services Suitable For Pregnant Women

Try something exotic!

We have many other massages that are suitable for pregnant women and all facials that are done on the face (ie. back facial is not allowed) are okay when you are pregnant. Below is a list of massages you can receive while you are pregnant. Click on any massage for more details.

Important Note: You can only receive 60 minute or shorter sessions if you are pregnant for your safety. Also, you must ask your doctor before you come in if you can get a massage and you must tell us you are pregnant when you are making your appointments so that we can properly prepare for your visit.

Massages Suitable For Pregnant Women – 50 or 60 minute versions only

Lomi Lomi Massage – The original and traditional Hawaiian Massage! Therapeutic, relaxing, detoxifying, more…

Maui Ultimate Relaxation Experience – If relaxation is your goal, this relaxation massage is for you

Waikiki Ultimate Therapeutic Massage– Combining Lomi Lomi and Traditional Therapeutic Massages.

Nui Premium Full Body Massage –Premium full body therapeutic or relaxation massage

Advanced Therapeutic Massage – Treats medical issues ranging from a sore neck or back to severe chronic pain

Couples’ Massages Suitable For Pregnant Women

Waimea Couples Relaxation Massage – Economical & romantic couple’s massage

Classic Couple’s Massages – Check out these four great Couple’s Massages you can share together. Simple and fun. The Hot Stone Version is NOT suitable for pregnant women.