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Sports Massage Therapy

More Sports Massage Highlights

  • Pre or post event massage
  • General athletic maintenance
  • Massage and stretches
  • Increases range of motion
  • Full or partial body massage

Sports Massage is designed to help keep your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in optimal condition, whatever your sport or activity.  Your therapist will discuss your individual needs before the session and customize your massage accordingly.  Whether you want to come in for your sports massage to get warmed up before the big golf game, come in after that work out to get those muscles relaxed and detoxed, or you just want to get regular professional sports massages in one of our Phoenix area day spas as part of your overall fitness routine, this massage is for you.

We will use Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching to lengthen your muscles beyond the level you can achieve on your own, joint rotations to increase the production of Synovial Fluids, and special muscle massage techniques to relax or stimulate your muscles, depending on your need. If you want to increase your performance in any physical activity try our Sports Massage.

Kama’aina Prices: 50 min $59.99 | 60 min $69.99 | 90 min $109.99 | 120 min $139.99  Read about our wellness program.

Regular Prices: 50 min $109 | 60 min $119 | 90 min $175 | 120 min $229

New to the Spa? Aloha and e komo mai (welcome)! If you are planning on visiting the spa we encourage you to join our Malama Kama’aina Wellness Program online before your visit to receive the deeply discounted Kama’aina pricing shown throughout our website. You also get a $50 spa gift certificate when you join online before your first visit. The plan has no term – you can cancel anytime. Although once you experience the spa you probably will want to keep your kama’aina status!

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