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Our #1 mission is NOT to provide a great experience for our guests, it is to provide “An Awesome Work Experience For Our ‘Ohana.” ‘Ohana literally means extended family in Hawaiian and is our word for our team members. The spa was founded by a massage therapist in 2007 and has always tried to put the ‘ohana first. Instead of existing to help the guests, we exist to help each other. If you want a different work experience, we invite you to read on and apply.

We do not hire everyone, as Hawaiian Experience Spa is not for everyone. We are enthusiastic people who want to be part of an ‘ohana (family) and want to grow with us. You should want to spread the Aloha Spirit with your coworkers and guests and want to be happy in the life/work balance you create with us. This does not mean you have to commit to stay for any period of time or to do anything beyond the normal scope of your work. It simply means that you care about what you do and want to help maintain and help promote a healthy, peaceful environment with your coworkers. You must want to work in a true team environment, with each of us trying to help the others. If you embrace this, the spa can be your new work-home for as long as you wish.

Our Spirit of Aloha Commitment

To provide an awesome work experience for our ‘ohana.

To provide an exceptional Hawaiian spa experience for our guests.

To spread the Spirit of Aloha to everyone.

Massage Therapist Careers

Woman getting scalp massage during body wrap at Scottsdale AZ day spaDo you recognize the power of massage therapy? Do you believe that massage therapy performed by a skilled and caring therapist can help people in a way nothing else can? Are you passionate about using your skills to facilitate healing in others?

Hawaiian Experience Spa was founded by a massage therapist who worked side by side with the other therapists for 10 years. He became a massage therapist to help people, in part because a massage therapist once helped him where physical therapy and traditional medicine had failed.

At Hawaiian Experience Spa we believe in the true healing power of massage. Our team of therapists are skilled and dedicated to healing both physically and emotionally. Stress reduction and pain reduction are real and powerful benefits of therapeutic massage therapy, and we love helping our guests with these and other issues.

We give you the freedom and the tools to do what you probably got into massage therapy for: helping others and getting paid a decent amount for your time, energy, and dedication. Our environment is casual, caring and full of aloha. Does this sound good to you? Apply Now!

Aesthetician Careers

Did you become an aesthetician to help others with their skin health and appearance? Do you believe that you can make a difference in how people feel and look with your aesthetics training, skills, and experience? Are you passionate about using organic and natural products whenever possible? Do you feel a home skin care routine along with regular professional facials is the optimal way to care for your skin? If you answered yes to these questions read on.

At Hawaiian Experience Spa we believe in all those things, and we give our aestheticians what they need to succeed. We carry Eminence Organics Skin Care products which is the finest line of organic skin care in the world.  Made with fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs Eminence demonstrates the true power of natural skin health.

We provide our aesthetians and all ‘ohana with a supportive and fun environment where you can be yourself and share your love for skin care with your clients. And we want you to make a decent living and to have an awesome experience along the way. Does this sound good to you? Apply Now!


Spa Coordinator and Spa Manager Careers

Client welcomed at day spa with lei

While the Service Team (massage therapists and aestheticians) perform the treatments, none of it could happen without our front desk ‘ohana, our Spa Coordinators and Managers. The Desk Team runs the spas! In addition to having an awesome work experience for yourself, you are an integral part in making the other ‘ohana members have an awesome work experience and in making the guests have an exceptional Hawaiian experience during their visits. Remember, you are the first person and the last person the guest sees and that gives you a powerful opportunity to affect their experience.

Starting out as a new Spa Coordinator we will teach you all the aspects involved in running a day spa filled with aloha. Your day will be diverse, and your energy, enthusiasm and caring nature will help maintain our relaxing and therapeutic Hawaiian experience.

All Spa Coordinators can move up to Manager whenever they are ready if they desire to do so. You will not have to wait for a manager “opening” as is the case with a traditional employer. Instead, we strive to make everyone reach their full potential and goals as soon as possible.

Spa Coordinators help guests choose and book appointments, set up guests’ lockers and showers, check out guests and process their payments, assist guests with other purchases, file and enter information into our spa management software, help keep the spas clean, wash towels and robes, and generally perform whatever is needed to run the spa during your shift.

If this sounds good to you, Apply Now!

Your work life at Hawaiian Experience Spa

Picture being on an idyllic Hawaiian beach, watching the sunset and sipping on your favorite drink. Okay, its not like that but it’s as close to working in Hawaii as it comes for Arizona. We have a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere where you can be yourself and hang loose. We don’t even require shoes! Piercings, tattoos, blue hair, shaved head, dress, pants, shorts – whatever is you (with a few obvious limits) is what we want. You do your best as you, not as some made up persona to fit a particular business.

Each spa has a break room for your rejuvenation. Break rooms have refrigerators, relaxing furniture, snacks, coffee, tea, a microwave, a table and chairs and more. Some even have a massage chair that will work wonders on those muscles. The point is that the break room, along with all aspects of the ‘ohana experience were designed with you in mind and are for you.

Our team is truly an ‘ohana, which means extended family in Hawaiian. Among the ‘ohana you will find not only coworkers but friends and mentors as well.

While we all have to take care of the guests who pay our salaries and need the top quality relaxation and therapy we provide, the Hawaiian Experience is not just for them, it’s for you as well.

Maybe you will be the next member of the ‘ohana! Apply Now!


Current Openings

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